By: Maite Linn Batcabe Introduction

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Mao Zedong

By: Maite Linn Batcabe


Did you know Mao Zedong was a library assistant at Beijing University he has gone so far. He’s gone from books about communism to leading communism. He’s also gone from reading about leaders to becoming one. This also proves that books teach a lot. Mao Zedong has influenced culture in China, because he started the Cultural Revolution, lead the great leap forward, and he made China communist.

Paragraph 1

I believe that Mao Zedong has influenced culture in China I think Mao Zedong influenced culture in china. I think this because Mao Zedong started the Cultural Revolution, which is when he tried to get rid of the four old. The four olds are old ideas, old culture and old customs and also old habits. He bands all these things in order to have a new China without all old things. Also during the Cultural Revolution Mao Zedong cut off people’s education so people weren’t clever enough to know if he was or was not a good leader and/or they wouldn’t come up with a plan to stop him being the leader. He also made China communist he also wanted to make every one to be the same and they’re not to be classes like for example high class and low class and middle class. Also He made the Great Leap Forward take place. The Great Leap Forward was Mao’s way of trying to modernize China and so that in a few years China would have an economy that was better then America and the two places would be rivals. Because of this many of millions of people died.

Paragraph 2

When he made China communist it took away rights like to have private property also then the government owns all factories and things like that. Also then you have share what you earned like if you worked really hard and some one else doesn’t then if they need money or food or clothes then you have to give the government the money to sort out equally based on how much you need. When Mao Zedong started the Cultural Revolution he started destroying the four olds when he destroyed the four olds some people kept some secret. The Red Guards where apart of this move and they searched peoples houses for the four olds. He did this by red guards searching people’s houses for the four olds if the red guards had them as a suspect as a high class or even a middle class person. He also did this by making red guards attack people who disagreed with him. Mao stopped people’s education. He did this so no one could take over or take his spot. As an affect of all the four olds being destroyed people might be mad and sad and maybe a little empty like you have no meaning in you life and you just are over powered with grief. He started the Great Leap Forward. He did this by making the peasants and the rich people switching places and the rich people farming and then after that he made the peasants live in what’s known as a commune. He made millions of people live in communes all around china. Lots of people died. Most suffered from exhaustion and starvation. As an effect of many peoples loss and who they’ve lost the might feel angry and frustrated at Mao Zedong for starting the process and also sad that they lost so many people and maybe even if they lost many close friends and family members they might again feel empty like a big hole in their stomach.

Paragraph 3

I think Mao Zedong influenced culture in China. I think this because when we interviewed Chinese teachers they all said that they didn’t think he affected their culture but they did give us examples of who they did affect like ancestors or people they knew. Ms. Yang said that she thought he destroyed China’s rich culture and ruined traditions. She also said she thought that he ruined some education for people she knew by sending them to the country to work as farmers. When we interviewed Ms. Xu she said that she thought that Mao Zedong changed culture in China because he changed traditions and he fought of the Japanese and if he didn’t then japan would take over china. When we interviewed Chris Chang he said this about the great leap forward; the great leap forward meant that Mao Zedong was giving the peasants more power because he was a peasant and he always thought it was unfair that the rich people always got more, more food, more money, more things, more jewelry, more clothes.


In conclusion Mao Zedong was a leader who influenced culture in China. I con prove this because he started the Cultural Revolution; made the great leap forward take place and he lead the making of China communist. When he made China communist it took away rights. When he made the great leap forward take place thousands of people died. Also when he started the Cultural Revaluation it destroyed the four olds. This is why I think Mao Zedong influenced culture in china

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