By-Laws Of gamma phi delta soroity article I name, Aim, and Official Symbols Section 1

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Article I Name, Aim, and Official Symbols

Section 1: This organization shall be known as Gamma Phi Delta Sorority

Section 2: The aim of Gam Phi Delta shall be to establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship, to develop a strong and womanly character, to broaden the moral an intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way.

Section 3: The official colors of Gamma Phi Delta shall be gold and green and the official flower shall be the yellow Chrysanthemum.

Section 4: The luxuries of Gamma Phi Delta shall be a lavaliere, paddle, T-shirt, coat sweatshirt, toad, green out-fit, and anything else designated by the chapter.

Article II Badges

Section 1: The badge of the Gamma Phi Delta actives shall be a gold sword bearing a pearl in its hilt and a seven link chain suspended there and on its blade the raised Greek letters “Gamma Phi Delta.”

Section 2: The official pledge pin shall be so designated by the active chapter with the stipulation that the Greek letters “Gamma Phi Delta” shall appear on the pin. This is to be worn until such time as inter-sorority rules will permit initiation. At such time, the pledge pin shall be given to the pledge and placed on a chain by their big sister. Thereby becoming the lavaliere of the new active.

Article III Membership

Section 1: Only those women who are students of the University of Dubuque, Iowa shall be eligible for membership in Gamma Phi Delta and who:

A: are carrying twelve or more semester hours of classes

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