By Frater Apollonius 4°=7□

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Now he to whom the deity has happened to assign some what of a good fate, is, through opinion, led to the happiest life. But if he be morose and indocile, let the punishment that comes from law and reason follow him; bringing with it the fears ever on the stretch, both those that originate in heaven or Hades; how that punishments inexorable, are below laid up for the unhappy, as well as those ancient Homeric threats of retaliation for the wickedness of those defiled by crime (Odyssey, xii 571-599). For as we sometimes restore bodies to health by means of diseased substances, if they will not yield to the more healthy, so if the soul will not be led by true reasoning, we restrain it by false. Strange indeed would those punishments be called since, by a change, the souls of cowards enter into bodies of women, who are inclined to insulting conduct; and those of the blood-stained would be punished by being introduced into the bodies of wild beasts; of the lascivious, into the bodies of sows and boars; of the light-minded and frivolous into shaper and aeronautic birds; and of those who neither do learn or think of nothing, into the bodies of idle fish.

On all these matters, however, there has, at a second period, been delivered a judgment by Nemesis, or Fate, together with the avenging deities that preside over murderers, and those under the earth in Hades, and the inspectors of human affairs, to whom God, the leader of all, has entrusted the administration of the world which is filled with gods and men, and the rest of the living beings which by the demiurgic creator according to the best model of an unbegotten, eternal and mentally-perceived form.

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