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Pythagoreanism comes to us today, primarily in the form of Sacred Geometry for those into spirituality and as secular Geometry for those into scholastic mathematics. Though, the philosophical center of these teachings has eluded our academic community. It’s import, not only for the ancient Gnostics, belongs to those that long preceded Gnosticism, but practiced a spirituality from an ancient religion that originally knew no sect. It was a primordial and truly universal religion that belongs to humanity and originates in a time that is now beyond even the memory of our anthropologists.

To move towards the compilation of a Greek Qabalah, we would be remiss without both a study of these mathematics and the more esoteric and philosophical teachings of this ancient cult or school, more well-known to us today as the Egyptian and Greek Mystery Schools. Other elements of the religion included with this and more intimately connected with the Mystery Schools, but belonging to the people at-large comes to us in the forms of rituals. There’s Bacchanalia’s and the manufacture of charms and talismans, as there is spell-making and those of higher calling that proliferated in the enlightened culture of the ancient Greeks.

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