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God the eternal, the chief ruler of the Universe, and its creator is beheld alone by the mind; but we may behold by sight all that is produced this world and its parts, how many soever they [----] in heaven; which as being ethereal, must be [divided] into kinds, some relating to sameness, others to difference. Sameness draws inward all that is without, along the general eastward movement from the West. Difference draws from within all self-moved portions from West to East, fortuitously rolling around and along by the superior power of sameness.

The different's movement being divided in harmonical proportion, assumes the order of [seven] circles Nearest to the earth, ,the Moon revolves in a month; while beyond her the Sun completes his revolution in a year. Two planets run a [co---]equal with that of the Sun: Mercury, and Juno, also called Venus and Lucifer, because shepherds and people generally are not skillful in sacred astronomy, confusing the western and eastern rise. The same star may shine in the West when following the Sun at a distance great enough to be visible in spite of solar splendor; and at another time in the East, when, as herald of the day it rises before the Sun, leading it. Because of its [running] together with the sun, Venus is Lucifer frequently but not always; for there are planet and stars of any magnitude seen above the horizon before sunrise, herald the day. But the three other planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have their peculiar velocities and different years, completing their course while making their periods of effulgence, of visibility, of obscuration and eclipse, causing accurate rising and settings. Moreover they complete their appearances conspicuously in East or West according to their position relative to the Sun, who during the day speeds westward, which during the night it reverses, under the influence of sameness; while its annual revolution is due to its inherent motion. In resultance of these two kinds of motion it rolls out a spiral, creeping according to one portion, in the time of a day, but, whirled around under the sphere of the fixed stars, according to each revolution of darkness and day.

Now these revolutions are by men called portions of time, which the deity arranged together with the world. For before the world the stars did not exist; and hence there was neither year, nor periods of seasons, by which this generated time is measured, and which is the representation of the ungenerated time called eternity. For as this heaven has been produced according to an eternal pattern, (the world of ideas), Ñ so according to the pattern of eternity was our world-time created simultaneously with the world.

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