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The formula to be spoken, while you are sprinkling the drowning water, is as follows: I call upon you, Mother of all men, you who have brought together the limbs of Meliouchos, even Meliouchos himself, OROBASTRIA NEBOUTOSOUALETH, Entrapper, Mistress of corpses, Hermes, Hekate, [Hermes?], Hermekate, LETH AMOUMAMOUTERMYOR; I conjure you, the daimon that has been aroused in this place, and you, the daimon of the cat that has been endowed with spirit; come to me on this very day and from this very moment, and perform for me the NN deed" (add the usual, whatever you wish). (trans. J.M. Dillon in H.D. Betz (1986))
[The process continues, with the word IAEO being written on the first and third lamellae and a more elaborate conjuration spell being written on the second lamella.]
Papyri graecae magicae IV.1-25
This spell calls upon Egyptian and Jewish powers for the purpose of revelation. The text includes initial words of power, brief instructions for the use of the invocation, a series of greetings, and a concluding request for revelation. In syncretistic fashion the invocation combines traditional Egyptian lore with other references. Part of this spell is paralleled in PDM XIV.627-35.
SAPHPHAIORBAELKOTA KIKATOUTARA EKENNK LIXthe great demon and the inexorable one,...IPSENTANCHOUCHEOUCH _____________________ DOOU SHAMAI ARABENNAK ANTRAPHEU BALESITENGI ARTEN BENTEN AKRAB ENTH OUANTHBALA SHOUPLA SRAHENNE DEHENNE KALASHOUCHATEMMOK BASHNE BALA SHAMAIOn the day of Zeus, at the first hour,But on the (day) of deliverance, at the fifth hour,A catAt the eighth, a cat Hail, Osiris, king of the underworld, lord of embalming,who is south of Thinis,who gives answer in Abydos,who is under the noubs tree in Meroe,whose glory is in Pashalom.
Hail, Althabot Bring Sabaoth unto me.Hail, Althonai, great Eou, very valiant Bring Michael unto me, The mighty angel who is with god.Hail, Anubis, of the district of Hansiese, You are upon your mountain.Hail,goddesses, Thoth the great, the great, the wise.Hail, gods, Achnoui Acham Abra Abra SabaothFor Akshha Shha is my name,Sabashha is my true nameShlot Shlot very valiant is my name So let the one who is in the underworld Join the one who is in the air.Let them arise, enter, and give answer to me Concerning the matter about which I ask them. The usual.

i. Protective Spell

Taking Sulfur and Seed of Nile Rushes, burn as Incense to the Moon and say, "I call on You, Lady Isis, whom Agathos Daimon permitted to rule in the entire Black Land [i.e., Egypt]. Your name is LOU LOULOU BATHARTHAR THARE'SIBATH ATHERNEKLE'SICH ATHERNEBOUNI E'ICHOMO' CHOMO'THI Isis Sothis, SOUE'RI, Boubastis, EURELIBAT CHAMARI NEBOUTOS OUE'RI AIE' E'OA O'AI. Protect me, Great and Marvelous Names of the God (add the usual [i.e., the protection you seek]); for I am the One Established in Pelusium, SERPHOUTH MOUISRO' STROMMO' MOLO'TH MOLONTHE'R PHON Thoth. Protect me, Great and Marvelous Names of the Great God! (add the usual) "ASO' EIO' NISAO'TH. Lady Isis, Nemesis, Adrasteia, Many-named, Many-formed, glorify me, as I have glorified the Name of Your Son Horus! (add the usual)" [PGM VII.490-504]

ii. Restraining Spell

Write on a Tin Lamella with a Bronze Stylus before Sunrise the Names "CHRE'MILLON MOULOCH KAMPY CHRE'O'PHTHO' MASKELLI (formula) ERE'KISIPHTHE' IABEZEBYTH." Then throw it into River or into Sea before Sunrise. Also write on it, with the others, these Characters: "[six symbols, see below] Mighty Gods, restrain (add the usual, whatever you wish)." [PGM VII.417-22]

[The six symbols are: (1) an X in a circle; (2) a backwards capital E; (3) a Z with a small circle at the end of each line segment (four in all); (4) draw a capital E on its side with the legs pointing down, add small leftward pointing feet to the first two legs, add two upward tick marks from the back between the second and third legs, extend the back to the left a little, and the first leg up a little to make a backwards L at the top-left corner, extend this upward from the left end to make a small |_| sign, then write a tiny U nested inside; (5) an X with a small circle on the end of the right leg; (6) a small epsilon or set membership sign.]
iii. Spell for Restraining Anger

If you want Someone to cease being Angry with you, write with Myrrh this Name of Anger: "CHNEO'M" [probably Egyptian Khnum]. Hold it in your Left Hand and say: "I am restraining the Anger of all, especially of him, NN, which is CHNEO'M." [PGM XII.179-81]

iv. Against Every Wild Animal, Aquatic Creature and Robbers

Attach a Tassel to your Garment and say: "LO'MA ZATH AIO'N ACHTHASE MA . . . ZAL BALAMAO'N E'EIOY, protect me, NN, in the Present Hour! Immediately, immediately! Quickly, quickly!" [PGM VII.370-3]

v. Charm of Hekate Ereschigal Against Fear of Punishment

If He [i.e., a punishment daimon] comes forth, say to Him: "I am Ereschigal, the One holding Her Thumbs, and not even one Evil can befall Her!" If, however, He comes close to you, take hold of your Right Heel and recite the following: "Ereschigal, Virgin, Bitch, Serpent, Wreath, Key, Herald's Wand, Golden Sandal of the Lady of Tartaros!" And you will avert Him. "ASKEI KATASKEI ERO'N OREO'N IO'R MEGA SAMNYE'R BAUI (3 times) PHOBANTIA SEMNE', I have been initiated, and I went down into the Underground Chamber of the Dactyls, and I saw the Other Things Down Below, Virgin, Bitch, and all the rest!" Say It at the Crossroad, and turn around and flee, because it is at those Places that She appears.

Saying It Late at Night, about what you wish, It will reveal it in your Sleep; and if you are led away to Death, say It while scattering Seeds of Seseme, and It will save you. [PGM LXX.4-19]
vi. Indispensable Invisibility Spell

Take Fat or an Eye of a Nightowl and a Ball of Dung rolled by a Beetle and Oil of an Unripe Olive and grind them all together until smooth, and smear your Whole Body with it and say to Helios: "I adjure You by Your Great Name, BORKE' PHOIOUR IO' ZIZIA APARXEOUCH THYTHE LAILAM AAAAAA IIIII OOOO IEO' IEO' IEO' IEO' IEO' IEO' IEO' NAUNAX AI AI AEO' AEO' E'AO'!" And moisten It and say in addition: "Make me Invisible, Lord Helios, AEO' O'AE' EIE' E'AO', in the Presence of Any Man until Sunset, IO' IO' O' PHRIXRIZO' EO'A!" [PGM I.222-31]

Request for a Dream Oracle

Take a Strip of Clean Linen and write on it the following Name. Roll it up to make a Wick, pour Pure Olive Oil over it and light it.

In the Evening then, when you are about to go to Sleep, being Pure in every respect, do this: Go to the Lamp, say 7 times the following Formula, extinguish the Light and go to Sleep.
The Formula to be spoken is as follows: "SACHMOUNE [i.e., Sakhmet] PAE'MALIGOTE'RE'E'NCH, the One who Shakes, who Thunders, who has Swallowed the Serpent, Surrounds the Moon, and Hour by Hour Raises the Disk of the Sun, CHTHETHO'NI is Your Name. I ask You, Lords of the Gods, SE'TH CHRE'PS: reveal to me concerning the Things I wish." [PGM VII.359-69]
ix. Spell for Revelation

[Addressed to Ursa Major (Great Bear)]: "KOMPHTHO KOMASITH KOMNOUN You who shook and shake the World, You who have swallowed the Ever-living Serpent and daily raise the Disk of the Sun and of the Moon, You whose Name is ITHIOO' E'I ARBATHIAO' E', send up to me, NN, at Night the Daimon of This Night to reveal to me concerning the NN thing." [PGM IV.1323-30]

x. Saucer Divination of Aphrodite

Having kept oneself Pure for 7 days, take a White Saucer, fill It with Water and Olive Oil, having previously written on Its Base with Myrrh Ink: "E'IOCH CHIPHA ELAMPSE'R ZE'L A E E' I O Y O'" (25 letters [in Greek]); and beneath the Base, on the outside: "TACHIE'L CNTHONIE' DRAXO'" (18 letters). Wax over with White Wax. On the outside of the Rim at the Top: "IERMI PHILO' 6 ERIKO'MA DERKO' MALO'K GAULE' APHRIE'L I ask" (say it 3 times). Let It rest on the Floor and looking intently at It, say "I call upon You, the Mother and Mistress of Nymphs, ILAOCH OBRIE' LOUCH TLOR; Come in, Holy Light, and give Answer, showing Your Lovely Shape!"

Then look intently at the Bowl. When you see Her, welcome Her and say, "Hail, Very Glorious Goddess, ILARA OUCH. And if You give me a Response, extend Your Hand."

And when She extends It, expect Answers to your Inquiry. But if She does not listen, say, "I call upon the ILAOUCH who has begotten Himeros, the Lovely Horai and You Graces; I also call upon the Zeus-sprung Physis [Nature] of All Things, two-formed, indivisible, straight, foam-beautiful Aphrodite. Reveal to me Your Lovely Light and Your Lovely Face, O Mistress ILAOUCH. I conjure You, Giver of Fire, by ELGINAL, and by the Great Names OBRIE'TYCH KERDYNOUCHILE'PSIN NIOU NAUNIN IOUTHOU THRIGX TATIOUTH GERTIATH GERGERIS GERGERIE' THEITHI. I also ask You by the All Wonderful Names, OISIA EI EI AO' E'Y AAO' IO'IAIAIO' SO'THOU BERBROI AKTEROBORE GERIE' IE'OYA; bring me Light and Your Lovely Face and the True Saucer Divination, You shining with Fire, bearing Fire all around, stirring the Land from afar, IO' IO' PHTHAIE' THOUTHOI PHAEPHI. Do it!"

Preparation: having kept yourself Pure, as you learned, take a Bronze Drinking Cup, and write with Myrrh Ink the previously inscribed Stele [charm or amulet] which calls upon Aphrodite, and use the untouched Olive Oil and clean River Water. Put the Drinking Cup on your Knees and speak over it the Stele mentioned above, and the Goddess will appear to you and will reveal concerning what Things you wish. [PGM IV.3209-54]

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