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Maus I and Maus II by Art Spiegelman Name_________________________

Writing a News Article Date__________________________

Final Test Class_________________________

  1. Match the following characters with the correct description:

    1. Vladek Spiegelman

    2. Anja (Anna) Zylberberg Spiegelman

    3. Art(ie) Spiegelman

    4. Richieu Spiegelman

    5. Mala Spiegelman

    6. Francoise Mouly

A.______Wife of Art. Though she is French, Art portrays her as a mouse because she converted to Judaism.

B.______First born son of Vladek and Anja Spiegelman. Is sent by his parents to live with a relative to be safe, but doesn’t survive the Holocaust.

C.______First wife of Vladek; mother of Richieu and Art.

D.______Survivor of the Holocaust, but he is not portrayed as a hero.

E.______Cartoonist and the author of Maus; as a child of Holocaust survivors, he is driven to tell their story.

F.______Vladek’s second wife and herself a survivor of the Holocaust.

  1. Match the settings with the correct description:

    1. Rego Park, New York

    2. Sosnowiec, Poland

    3. 1943, ghetto in Srodula, Poland

    4. Hungary

    5. Auschwitz/Birkenau 1944

    6. A rental home and the Pines Hotel in the Catskills

    7. Dachau, 1945

    8. Florida

    9. Sweden 1946

  1. ______The concentration camp where Vladek and Anja get sent in 1944; also where Anja’s parents died.

  2. ______Where Mala lives when she separates from Vladek

  3. ______Anja’s hometown and where Vladek and Anja live after they get married

  4. ______The country Anja and Vladek believe smugglers will help them escape to, but they are reported instead

  5. ______Up state New York where Vladek is spending his summer

  6. ______The camp Vladek is in when he is liberated

  7. ______Mala and Vladek’s home after they get married

  8. ______Vladek is a successful salesman here immediately after the war

  9. ______All the Jews in Sosnowiec are moved to this enclosed area to prevent them from leaving the town.

  1. Theme: Match the theme listed with the specific example from the book:

    1. Family conflict

    2. Racism

    3. Guilt

    4. Survival

    5. Irony

A. ______Anja lives through the Holocaust only to commit suicide.

B. ______The Germans portraying the Jews as non-human

C. ______Artie and Vladek arguing about house chores

D. ______Vladek overcoming many obstacles during the Holocaust

E. ______Art survives when his brother did not

  1. Research Process

List three situations in which you must use a citation:



Define plagiarism:

Give an example of a citation you would give for a quote from page 35 of the book Maus I by Art Spiegelman:

  1. Holocaust Unit Evaluation (5 points)

We started with the stations activity, we read stories about Gerda Weissman Klein and saw a video about her, we looked at primary documents related to her life, we read part of Anne Frank, we read Maus I and II by Art Spiegelman, and we did research on genocide which culminated in a news article. Evaluate all these parts of the unit. Which were most helpful to your learning about the Holocaust and why? Which parts should I change? Be specific. Use additional pieces of paper if necessary.

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