By 275 B. C rome controlled most of what?

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Study Guide for Roman Test- Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper for a grade. Answer them to the best of your ability and in complete sentences. This is due before the test.

  1. Make sure you know these terms; Republic, Consul, Patrician, Plebian, Urbanization, Clergy, Laity, plague, and inflation.

  2. By 275 B.C Rome controlled most of what?

  3. What were the Punic wars? Who fought in them?

  4. Who was Octavian? What did he later go by?

  5. Who killed Julius Caesar? What was this event called?

  6. What was the Pax Romana?

  7. Was there just one reason why Rome fell, or more then one? Yes or no, please explain your choice?

  8. What is the Edict of Milan?

  9. What were the attitudes towards the Christians in the Roman Empire, before the early 300 AD?

  10. What Roman Emperor ended persecution for Christians in the Roman Empire? What emperor made it the official religion of the Roman Empire?

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