Bush or kerry? — Their faces tell all!

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Simi Valley, CA, October 19. — If you still cannot decide which one to vote for, Bush or Kerry, the face reading experts Erik Kanto and Ilona Kanto, authors of the book Your Face Tells All, can give you valuable pointers by reading the facial features of the two candidates.

George W. Bush:

He has so-called good ears. They are large, revealing a person who has large ideas. Ears like this reveal that his life potential is strong and he had good childhood. These ears are the ones for a businessman. The eyes are fairly close set. Normally, in an ideal face, there’s a space of one eye-width between the eyes. If they are close like his, the person has a strong temper, but is also easily led—or misled. President Bush’s eyes are rather small. It tells us that his view of life is small and he sees matters from a narrow focal point.

In ancient Chinese face reading, also called physiognomy, facial shapes are basically divided into five different elements. George W’s face is a combination of Gold and Wood elements. It means that he has tons of ideas—as Wood people do—and he enjoys being in the brightest limelight—which is typical for a Gold individual. However, deep inside, this person is unsatisfied, as he feels he is not able to achieve nearly enough of his goals. Two lines are crossing his forehead from one side to the other, which usually is a good sign. The third one, the lowest, however, is broken in the middle. It reveals problems at the age of 25-30. Mr. President’s lips are thin, indicating tendency to dominate the others and situations. He enjoys a good verbal argument.

The strong eyebrows inform of strong emotions and eagerness to leadership. The eyebrows’ jaggedness may indicate problems in the administrative work.

John Kerry:

His ears are also quite large, speaking well for his abilities and life possibilities. The eyes are rather deep set which always suggests that the person is a romantic dreamer, an intellectual and good at money matters.

Senator Kerry’s face shape shows a strong, pure Wood element, manifesting of spirituality and honesty. He is full of new ideas, strong and idealistic, and expands intellectually, but sometimes his head is in the clouds. There is no way he can fulfill all his ideas. Three strong lines crossing the forehead mean life is kind to him. His strong chin suggests he can be aggressive and will have a lot of energy till the very end of his life. The long, strong nose indicates a person with an excellent career, happy family life and very good health in his present middle years, even longer. When the tip of the nose also continues further down, making the nose look extremely long, that person is good at making wise decisions. Everything has to be logical and sensible. The downside is that person often forgets that not all people are as logical as he.

When the eyebrows tend to come down, it means that this individual would like to please those around him. The person tends to be submissive. John Kerry’s mouth is small compared to other features of his face. The mouth tells about the personality and a small mouth indicates his tendency to criticize others.


Face readers do not consider any feature strictly bad or good. If something is unfortunate, they ask what compensates that feature. Drooping eyebrows are not good for a leader of the most important country in the world. But Senator Kerry’s other features compensate this. The Wood element in his face tells about wisdom and honesty. Three lines on his forehead are extremely fortunate. His large ears tell us that he listens to others, giving him the thrust to achieve whatever he wants.

George W. Bush’s Gold element is very typical for achieving a high status. His facial features are quite balanced which is typical for Gold. In that respect, Bush’s face is much more that of a leader’s than Kerry’s. The negative side of Gold elites—who are admired and envied—is that these individuals are not strong. His face has also some Wood element, like Kerry, but this combination is inharmonious and it does not add the strength that’s lacking.

Face reading can give knowledge why certain things in life work and others don’t. And why it appears that, for some people, situations easily resolve themselves, and for others cause pain. It can help us understand why some people look different and why those differences make them unique. Chinese face reading also says that a large head is an asset, and Kerry’s head is larger than Bush’s! Among the recent past presidents, John F. Kennedy had a large head—another J.F.K?

Erik Kanto and Ilona Kanto are the authors of a new book, Your Face Tells All: Learn the Wisdom of the Chinese Art of Face Reading, by Atophill Publishing with Biblio Distribution.
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Text by Erik Kanto and Ilona Kanto

Caricature drawings by Tommi Vuorinen

Related caricature color drawings of the presidential candidates, as well as this material can be downloaded for free at www.atophill.com/media.
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