Bush… Kerry… The war in Iraq

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Marcos Johnson

Ms. Aynesworth

December 1st, 2004

Bush… Kerry… The war in Iraq

The war in Iraq has devastated us all and has been going on for some time now. As time goes by, people start to wonder if it was really worth it. A little over a thousand soldiers have died and their families mourn. The real question comes down to if President George Bush and Senator John Kerry think that either it’s a waste of time or if we are solving a problem. Both respected gentlemen have some opposing views; whether the invasion of Iraq was a success, or a sleeping giant has been awaken.

John Kerry is a very convincing man in many ways but he changes his mind a lot. On August 6, 2004 Kerry was asked by President George Bush, If “Knowing what we know now, would you support the war in Iraq?”(Remarks 20, Oct. 2004) Kerry said that he did support the war in Iraq. Kerry wanted the Inspections for the weapons, and to pressure the Iraqi government “To scare them also.” (Kristol 20, Oct. 2004) For a brief moment John Kerry agreed with everything bush had to say about Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. In one of his speeches he said, “In giving the president this authority, I expect him to fulfill the commitments he has made to the American people in recent days—to work with the United Nations Security council to adopt a new resolution setting out tough and immediate inspection requirements, and to act with our allies at our sides if we have to disarm Sadaam Hussein by force. If he fails to do so, I will be the first to speak out.”(Remarks 20 Oct. 2004) Then he all of a sudden changes his mind on the situation. He speaks out saying that the war is costly. He claims over $200 billion dollars has gone into the war effort, but in America, lost jobs and health care costs continue to increase. Americans are also unable to get after school programs for children, and unable to afford the 100,000 police officers whom were added in the early 90’s. He says “George Bush’s wrong choices have weakened us here at home.” (Remarks 20 Oct. 2004) Senator John Kerry also makes a new statement says knowing what we know now he would have not gone to war with Iraq. He refers to the weapons of mass destruction that are still in myth. Then again Kerry flip flops his position. “On August 9, he said knowing what he knows now he would have voted to authorize the war, and it was the right decision to disarm Hussein with force.” (Kristol 15 Sept. 2004) but Kerry also says that Bush has failed to outline a comprehensive plan for bringing democracy to Iraq.

George Bush says he has a plan to win the war on terror and that’s what he’s going to tell the American people.(Loughlin 14 Apr. 2004) President Bush in no way plans on backing out of this war. He says “I don’t plan on losing my job or the war for the American people and they’ll stay with me. They understand the stakes.” (Loughlin 14 Apr. 2004) In many of his speeches around the nation, Bush acknowledges the tough weeks soldiers have encountered but vowed to finish the work of the fallen. Bush feels really strong about the war that will make America more secure and the world more free creating peace around the globe. “President Bush knows that the weapons of mass destruction have not been found and he wants to know why they haven’t been found, but Saddam Hussein was a threat and the world is better of without him.” (Loughlin 14 Apr. 2004) Bush can’t say that he has made no mistake declaring war on Iraq, but then again he doesn’t want to cite any since he feels that this will turn out successful. He may not have found any weapons of mass destruction but he can put a stop to the war on terror.

President George Bush and Senator John Kerry both have stated their views on the war. Kerry aims more toward peace than Bush who stands firm on freeing Iraq. In a way the war is somewhat of a success but has caused problems for America and its people. It has gone on for to long and not only the soldiers paying the price, but American citizens are too.
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