Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Video – extra credit – 25 Points This Assignment is all or nothing; you are required to Answer all the Questions

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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Video – EXTRA CREDIT – 25 Points

This Assignment is ALL or NOTHING; you are required to Answer ALL the Questions.

  1. What Battle is depicted at the beginning of the movie?

  1. Who was considered by President Grant and his advisors to be a “fool” for his slaughter at this battle?

  1. What did the government want from Chief Red Cloud and the Oglala Sioux Indians?

  1. How did General Miles insult Chief Sitting Bull? What was the result?

  1. Where did Chief Sitting Bull take his people?

  1. Under what conditions did the Mounties say that Chief Sitting Bull and his people, the Lakota Sioux, would be permitted to live on Canadian soil?

  1. Give several examples of how Native Americans were either choosing to, or begin forced to assimilate into white American culture.

  1. What name did the Native American boy in the classroom choose as his Christian name?

  1. Why did Chief Sitting Bull “whip” the two young boys?

  1. What was the government’s new plan to get a hold of the black hills region of the Sioux lands? Did this pass?

(Chief Sitting Bull = Lakota Sioux Chief Red Cloud = Oglala Sioux *Same nation (Sioux), different tribes.)

  1. How did Sitting Bull feel about assimilation?

  1. What was the biggest “killer” of the Sioux on the reservation?

  1. When “Charles Eastman” arrived at the Standing Rock Reservation he saw a sign that read “Every man a chief”, why did this appear to disturb him?

  1. What were conditions like for the Sioux at the Standing Rock Reservation?

  1. A Plains Indian prophet named Wovoka comes to the Sioux and encourages them to participate in the “Ghost Dance”. What did they believe would happen by evoking the spirits with this ritual?

  1. Senator Henry Dawes returns to the Sioux with a new offer for their land, what was this new offer?

  1. How did Chief Red Cloud respond to Chief Sitting Bull’s refusal to agree with Senator Dawes’ offer?

  1. What ultimately happened to Chief Sitting Bull?

  1. What happened at Wounded Knee Creek shortly after Sitting Bull’s arrest?

  1. What job did Henry Dawes get for “Charles Eastman”? Why do you think Charles was unable to complete this job?

After the Video; Short Answer.

  1. Should the removal of the Native American’s by the US Government be considered genocide? Is it legitimate to compare it to the Holocaust?

  1. Do you think the American government made a legitimate attempt to help assimilate the Native Americans into American culture?

  1. Were the actions of the US Government necessary for the “new” American Nation to develop?

  1. What alternatives to the “Indian problem” could have been used by the US Government?

  1. What is the difference between a battle and a massacre?

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