Bunker Hill Rap Let us tell a story about Bunker Hill in jive

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Bunker Hill Rap
Let us tell a story about Bunker Hill in jive,

It took- place in Boston- in seventeen seventy-five

The British heard all kinds of noise- late one night,

And as the sun arose- they knew they’d have to fight

Colonists built a fort that night- above them on the hills

The Redcoats started up the hills- to kill or be killed

Trying to control their fear- the Colonists uttered cries,

Don’t fire your muskets ‘til you see- the whites of their eyes

Twice the Redcoats tried to make it- up- to the top,

But they were fired upon- and twice they had to stop

General Howe regrouped his men- and sent them to repeat,

They made it to the top this time- the Colonists made retreat

The Redcoats lost 1000 men- oh, what a price to pay,

The Colonists lost 400 men- on that tragic day

The one thing that the British knew- by the end of light,

Was if the Colonists had to- they would- and they could fight

Taking Bunker Hill that day- a costly victory,

But the Colonists were determined- the rest is history

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