Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

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Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

Playoff Round 2: Questions by a bunch of long-haired hippies at UC Berkeley (David Farris, Jon Pennington, Ray Luo, Seth Teitler)
1. Thomson scattering gives a constant background value of this quantity, while Kramers' law gives an approximate value for bound-free and free-free absorption. Equal to one over the mean free path times the mass density, it is proportional to the optical depth. FTP, name this quantity, the inverse of transmittance, which characterizes the absorption or scattering of light as it passes through a gas or plasma.

Answer: opacity

2. His short stories include Picking Cotton, Savannah River Payday, and Country Full of Swedes. Jack Kirkland wrote a play based on one of his best-known novels, which tells the story of Jeeter Lester, and he collaborated on You Have Seen Their Faces with Margaret Bourke-White, his wife of 5 years. FTP, name this author of God's Little Acre and Tobacco Road.

Answer: Erskine Preston Caldwell

3. Born near Pittsburgh, this artist's mural Modern Woman was commissioned for the Woman's Building of the Chicago World's Fair. The influence of the Japanese ukiyo-e can be seen in The Letter and Woman Washing, rendered using a drypoint and aquatint technique she perfected. Depicted walking in the Louvre by Degas, FTP, name this painter of Mother and Child, and The Boating Party.

Answer: Mary Cassatt

4. He became the leader of the party of the Highlands, and shortly thereafter was driven into exile by the party of the Coast. Named for the youngest son of Nestor, he was ultimately succesful at the battle of Pallene with the help of his ally Lygdamis. Rivals like Lycurgus, the Alcmaeonidae, and Megacles opposed his coups. Founder of the first public library in Athens, FTP name this popular Athenian tyrant.

Answer: Pisistratos

5. His stepbrother Medon was slain by Aeneas. After his ship sank in a storm, he boasted so much about his escape that he incurred the wrath of Poseidon, who drowned him. He left Troy by ship after angering the other Greek leaders by capturing and raping Cassandra. The son of Oileus, FTP name this hero who led the Locrians into battle alongside the troops of a more famous hero of the same name.

Answer: Ajax the Lesser (accept Oilean Ajax, Ajax son of Oileus, Locrian Ajax or Ajax of Locris before Oileus or Locris are mentioned in the question)

6. Its 20th anniversary was celebrated in an appropriate fashion in November. Gary Tyrell was knocked down towards the end. After a drive that started at 4th and 17 on the opposing team's own 13, Harmon made the field goal, putting his team ahead by one with 4 seconds to go, then squibbed the kick-off while John Elway watched from the sideline. Mariet Ford, Dwight Garner, and Richard Rogers helped in the middle phase, but the biggest help at the end was the other school's band. Beginning and ending with Kevin Moen in possession, FTP name this legendary kick-off return from the 1982 Big Game.

Answer: The Play

7. The splenium lies at the rear of this structure, which is missing in marsupials. Roger Sperry won a share of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his studies of this structure. It is almost completely severed in a surgery technique developed to relieve violent, drug-resistant epileptic seizures, known as Split-Brain Surgery. FTP, name this bundle of nerve fibers linking the hemispheres of the brain.

Answer: corpus callosum

8. He was deeply influenced by Marxian and Walrasian analysis of general equilibrium via interindustrial flows. Raised in Russia, he first began constructing economic models at Harvard, publishing Structure of American Industry and using punch-hole computers to calculate huge linear systems of equations. FTP name this 1973 winner of the Nobel Prize who pioneered input-output analysis.

Answer: Wassily Leontief

9. Proposed by Mounier, 577 of those present signed, after it was found that entrances to the assigned meeting hall, Menus Plaisirs, were locked. It asserted that sovereignty of the people resides in the people and in their representatives, and soon after its signing Louis XVI called the Estates General to draft a constitution. FTP, name this oath of allegiance signed by the deputies of the Third Estate in June 1789.

Answer: Tennis Court Oath

10. She was portrayed on the inside of the lids of sarcophagi, and pharaohs were said to enter her body after death. Each day Ra would enter her mouth after setting in the evening and travel through her body in the night to be reborn in the morning. Depicted as a naked woman held up by her father Shu, FTP name this Egyptian sky-goddess, the sister and wife of Geb.

Answer: Nut

11. Jeremy Collier singled out the immorality of his plays, including The Relapse, a sequel to Colley Cibber's Love's Last Shift, and his masterpiece, The Provoked Wife. With his partner Nicholas Hawksmoor, he designed Castle Howard, developing a heavy, angular style that distinguished him from his contemporary Christopher Wren. His plans for his most famous work were unpopular with many, including future resident Sarah Churchill. FTP, name this architect of Blenheim Palace.

Answer: John Vanbrugh

12. Ending with the Ballet of the Nations, the title character of this work is made a Turkish paladin by the disguised Cléonte, who loves the title character's daughter Lucile. Dorante borrows money to woo Dorimène, supposedly on behalf of the title character, who refuses to believe that his father was a merchant. Monsieur Jourdain tries to acquire upper-class status in, FTP, what Molière play?

Answer: The Would-Be Gentleman or Le Bourgeios Gentilhomme

13. Important ports on this lake include Rouses Point and Plattsburgh. It has a maximum width of 14 miles and at total area of 435 square miles, not including 55 square miles of islands such as Grand Isle and Valcour Isle, the site of the first battle between American and British ships. Extending southward from Missisquoi Bay and the Richelieu River, name, for ten points, this lake that forms the boundary between New York and Vermont.

Answer: Lake Champlain

14. In The Sweetest Thing, this is the first song that Christina and Courtney ask Jane to sing to get her unstuck from her boyfriend, but it backfires. The singer demands, "Hit me with those laser beams." It’s also the song that Mugatu uses to control Zoolander. Covered by Limp Bizkit and Powerman 5000, FTP, name this Frankie Goes to Hollywood song which urges you, "don't do it."

Answer: Relax

15. It can be applied to the noise of cracking knuckles, which is produced by cavitation, and it can be used to predict the distribution of pollutants between water and the atmosphere. It holds even in nonideal solutions for sufficiently low mole fraction, and explains the formation of bubbles when a can of soda is opened. Similar to Raoult's law, FTP name this statement that the vapor prossure of a solute is proportional to its mole fraction.

Answer: Henry's Law

16. Born in Vienna in 1900, this post-Romantic composer became associated with, but not a part of, the Vienna School. Studying under Franz Schreker, his music was branded as degenerate by Hitler and as decadent by Stalin. After adopting the twelve-tone system in 1933, he moved to the United States and wrote an influential text in twelve-tone composition titled Studies in Counterpoint. He died in 1991 after writing over 250 works in all genres, including 8 string quartets and the opera Karl V. FTP name this composer whose controversial jazz opera Johnny Strikes Up was castigated as a glorification of "nigger music."

Answer: Ernst Krenek

17. This philosophy grew out of a revision of logical atomist and logical positivist thinking. Language is not merely declaratory, but serves multiple functions in different contexts. The key is to correct our misuse of language by showing how confusion arises and rectifying our thinking. Launched by a book of reminders titled Philosophical Investigations, this movement was spearheaded by Gilbert Ryle and John Austin. FTP identify this philosophy espoused by Wittgenstein that analyzed the use of language in daily contexts.

Answer: Ordinary Language Philosophy
18. He was granted a parcel of Venezuelan coastal land to test his theories, but the model colony was unsuccessful. The first priest ordained in the New World, and the first Bishop of Chiapas, he organized and took part in a 1550 debate in Valladolid with Juan Gines de Sepulveda. FTP, name this Spanish Dominican priest who wrote Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies, an activist for the rights of native peoples.

Answer: Bartolome de las Casas

19. In this story, the main character's ghost stops haunting the city after scaring the important personage who wouldn't help him earlier. The main character, a ninth-class clerk, is happy when he sees his favorite letters in the documents he handles, and is robbed of the title object on his way home from a party. Fashioned by Petrovich with a cat fur collar, FTP name this garment of Akaky Akakievich, the subject of a Gogol short story.

Answer: The Overcoat

20. John Bahcall has conducted important theoretical work regarding them, so many people were surprised when he was passed over for the Nobel Prize last year. Frederick Reines received half of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Physics for detecting this particle, and later work on them using the Kamiokande detector netted Masatoshi Koshiba a share of the 2002 Physics Nobel. Predicted by Pauli and named by Fermi, FTP, name these nearly massless neutral leptons.

Answer: neutrinos

21. In the 1930's he had copies of his writings bound and inscribed to look like prayer books and mailed from abroad to Germany. After breaking with Freud, he claimed to have discovered bions, vesicles of an energy which he believed could be detected using Geiger-Mueller counters. This energy supposedly explains gravity, the failure of most political revolutions, galaxies, the color of the sky, and good orgasms. He invented a box, which was declared a fraud by the FDA, and the FDA later had some of his books burned. FTP, name this quack who claimed to have discovered orgone energy.

Answer: Wilhelm Reich

22. She gave a dinner party when she decided to move out, inviting Mrs. Highcamp and Mrs. Merriman. Arobin kissed her afterwards while Victor left singing a rowdy French song. But she was really waiting for Robert Lebrun, who came to confess his love. Even he couldn't understand the woman that is inside her, eager to break away from societal constraints. FTP name this woman who drowned herself after having a epiphany in a work by Kate Chopin.

Answer: Edna Pontellier

23. They were classified in the "Thirty Years War" waged most prominently by Gorenstein, Feit, and Thompson. There are several infinite series of these finite objects: certain classical groups and groups of Lie type, alternating groups on 5 or more letters, cyclic groups of prime order, and the 26 celebrated "sporadic" ones, like Griess's "Monster". FTP, what building blocks of finite groups have no nontrivial normal subgroups?

Answer: simple groups


1. Name these Latin American authors from novels FTPE.

10) El señor presidente, The Green Pope, Men of Maize

Answer: Miguel Angel Asturias

10) Daughter of Fortune, Eva Luna

Answer: Isabel Allende

10) The Green House, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter

Answer: Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa

2. Identify the following from graph theory, FTPE.

10) This is an ordering on the nodes such that all parents of a node i appear before i.

Answer: topological ordering

10) This marginalization algorithm for doing inference on a graph parameterized by a probability distribution is equivalent to successively removing nodes from a graph according to a topological ordering.

Answer: elimination or Graph Eliminate

10) This is a fully connected subset of nodes.

Answer: clique
3. Identify these landmark early works of cinema, FTPE.

10) This 1896 Edison film was the first to depict sexuality on screen. Two romantic leads in the play The Widow Jones performed their oral climax on the big screen.

Answer: The Irwin-Rice Kiss or The Kiss

10) This 1895 Lumiere brothers film is considered the first comic film. While a man waters his flowers, a boy sneaks behind him and steps on the hose. The man looks into the nozzle to see what's wrong, and the boy steps off the hose, splashing the man.

Answer: The Sprinkler Sprinkled or Watering the Gardener

10) This 1902 Melies film was the first science fiction work of cinema. It is a parody of a crazy professor and the landing of a rocket ship with chorus girls waving goodbye.

Answer: A Trip to the Moon or A Journey to the Moon
4. Identify these popes, FTPE.

10) He prohibited the taxation of clergy by the civil ruler and issued the bull, Unam Sanctam, which declared that every human being was subject to the Roman pontiff. Phillip the Fair of France had him arrested.

Answer: Boniface VIII

10) Elected by the Council of Constance, he turned around and reaffirmed the papal office, dissolving the council that made him pope and repudiating its decrees.

Answer: Martin V

10) He exploited his office for the benefit of his relatives, trying to make his son Cesare Borgia the ruler of Italy, while his daughter Lucretia Borgia slept her way around.

Answer: Alexander VI
5. Name these people from the Back to the Future movies from quotes, FTPE.

10) "Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn't take Lorraine out that he'd melt my brain."

Answer: George McFly or George McFly

10) "I have your car towed all the way to your house and all you've got for me is LIGHT beer?"

Answer: Biff Tannen (accept either name)

10) "There's that word again; "heavy". Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?"

Answer: Doc or Dr. Emmet Brown

6. Answer the following about a group of people FTPE.

10) These aboriginal Caucasoid peoples of North Africa are typically small farmers, with the exception of the nomadic Tuareg of the Sahara.

Answer: Berbers

10) Name either of the two Berber Muslim dynasties that ruled Morocco and Spain between the 11th and 13th centuries.

Answer: Almoravids or Almohads

10) Founded by the Almoravid leader Yusuf ibn Tashfin, it served as the capital of Morocco until 1147, and again from 1550 to 1660.

Answer: Marrakech or Marrakesh

7. 10) This philosopher denied the existence of matter in his immaterialist hypothesis, and wrote Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge and Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous.

Answer: George Berkeley

10) William Berkeley was the governor of colonial Virginia at the time of this rebellion, sparked by high taxes and Berkeley's failure to defend the frontier against Native American attacks.

Answer: Bacon's rebellion

10) Berkeley Breathed first introduced the characters of Cutter John, Steve Dallas, and Opus in this comic strip.

Answer: Bloom County

8. FTSNOP, answer these questions on pirate science.

5) This physicist was able to reproduce the blackbody spectrum by assuming that energy is quantized, introducing his namesake quantum constant.

Answer: Max Planck

5) This disease results in the weakening of capillaries, and is caused by vitamin C deficiency.

Answer: scurvy

5) Coulomb's Law and Newton's Law of Gravitation describe forces which vary inversely with the square of this quantity.

Answer: radius (grudgingly accept distance or other equivalents)

15) Similar to Lambert's Law, this law states that the absorbence of a substance is proportional to its concentration.

Answer: Beer's Law (too bad there's no Grog's Law)
9. Answer the following about an Italian family and artists it patronized, FTPE

10) Gianfrancesco became the first marchese of this family. He employed Pisanello to start the "Arthurian Fresco" in the Palazzo Ducale in Milan.

Answer: Gonzaga

10) Ludovico Gonzaga employed this artist as a replacement for Pisanello. He painted the camera degli sposi, or camera picta. He also painted St. Sebastian.

Answer: Andrea Mantegna

10) Federico II recruited this artist, who designed the Palazzo del Te, which contains his fresco The Fall of the Giants in the Sala dei Gigante.

Answer: Giulio Romano

10. Identify these victorious captures from the American Revolutionary War FTPE.

10) After Burgoyne was intercepted at Bemis Heights, the British failed to break through American defenses and withdrew to the namesake location, where they surrendered in October 1777.

Answer: Saratoga

10) Daniel Morgan enveloped the British troops under Benestri Tarleton in this 1781 South Carolina battle, capturing all British forces.

Answer: Cowpens

10) Cornwalis arrived here from Petersburg in 1781. Washington and French naval forces surrounded the British army and accepted its surrender that same year.

Answer: Yorktown

11. Identify the following 20th century poems from lines FTP, with an additional 5 points for naming the poet.

10;5) I bathed in the Euphrates when dawns were young./ I built my hut near the Congo and it lulled me to sleep./ I looked upon the Nile and raised the pyramids above it.

Answer: The Negro Speaks of Rivers; Langston Hughes

10;5) I was ten when they buried you./ At twenty I tried to die/ And get back, back, back to you./ I thought even the bones would do./But they pulled me out of the sack,/ And they stuck me together with glue.

Answer: Daddy; Sylvia Plath
12. Name these deities with multiple mothers F15PE, or for 10 points if you need an easier clue.

15) He is the son of 9 virgin sisters, variously given as the daughters of Geirrendour the Giant or of Aegir.

10) This guardian of Bifrost carries the Gjallarhorn, which he will use to signal Ragnarok.

Answer: Heimdall or Gullintani (prompt on Rig)

15) According to some stories he is the son of ten sisters. He's sometimes described as having two faces smeared with butter, and seven tongues.

10) This Vedic god is the acceptor of sacrifices and god of fire.

Answer: Agni
13. Answer the following questions about Erik Erikson’s eight stages of human psychological development FTPE.

10: According to Erikson, during the “oral-sensory” stage of infancy, a child. In this stage, the child experiences internal conflict over these two opposite feelings in his search for a sense of safety. Identify them for ten points all or nothing.

A: trust and mistrust

10: At the end of puberty, a human being enters a stage in which he or she must achieve a proper balance between these two feelings. The most successful individuals maintain commitments to others while finding time for themselves. Again, identify them for ten points, all or nothing.

A: intimacy and isolation

10: Erikson formulated his developmental theory after living among members of this Indian tribe of the Midwest and researching their family interactions (10).

A: Sioux (also accept Oglala Dakota, but prompt on “Dakota”)
14. Name the following eponymous limits from astronomy FTPE.

10) Above this mass, about 1.4 times the solar mass, a white dwarf will collapse to a neutron star.

Answer: Chandrasekhar limit or mass

10) Inside this distance from a planet, a satellite will be torn apart by tidal forces.

Answer: Roche limit

10) Above this mass, a star's luminosity will be so high, it blows itself apart.

Answer: Eddington limit

15. Answer the following on Asian drama FTPE.

10) Zeami Motokiyo wrote influential works in this dramatic form, developed during the Muromachi period. The plays often have historical themes and Buddhist overtones.

Answer: Noh

10) King Dushyanta is bewitched so that he forgets his bride, the title character, until a ring he gave her is found in a fish, in this drama by Kalidasa.

Answer: The Recognition of Sakuntala or Shakuntala

10) The 2000 Nobel Prize in Literature went to this Chinese author of the plays Bus Stop and Fugitives.

Answer: Gao Xingjian

16. Answer the following about a son of a Quaker corsetmaker FTPE.

10) This man wrote Dissertations on First-Principles of Government and Of the Religion of Deism Compared with the Christian Religion.

Answer: Thomas Paine

10) The phrase "These are the times that try men's souls" was the opening line from the first of this series of pamphlets which Paine began writing in December 1776.

Answer: The American Crisis

10) Paine was denounced as an atheist for this treatise, which contains the phrase "The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."

Answer: The Age of Reason
17. Name these Russian composers from works, FTPE.

10) Islamey, Tamara

Answer: Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev

10) The Poem of Ecstasy, Prometheus—The Poem of Fire

Answer: Alexander Nikolayevitch Scriabin

10) A Life for the Tsar, Ruslan and Ludmilla

Answer: Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
18. Name these good-looking title females from Beatles songs FTPE.

10) This meter maid looks much older in a cap.

Answer: Lovely Rita

10) She made a fool of everyone, broke the rules, and laid it down for all to see, and she's the greatest of them all.

Answer: Sexy Sadie

10) You should see this woman; she's so good-looking that she looks like a man.

Answer: Polythene Pam
19. Name the following parts of the Mediterranean Sea FTPE.

10) This arm of the Mediterranean Sea lies between the Italian Riviera and the islands of Corsica and Elba. The Gulf of Genoa is its northernmost part.

Answer: Ligurian Sea

10) Connected with the Adriatic Sea by the Strait of Otranto, its chief arms are the Gulf of Taranto and the Gulf of Corinth.

Answer: Ionian Sea

10) Named for an ancient name for the Etruscans, it lies between the Ligurian Sea, the Italian peninsula, Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica. The Strait of Messina connects it with the Ionian Sea.

Answer: Tyrrhenian Sea

20. Answer the following about the different worlds, or suns, of Aztec myth FTPE.

10) This is the method that the goddess Chalchiuhtlicue (pron. chal-chee-weetl-EE-kway) used to destroy the fourth world.

Answer: flood (accept clear equivalents)

10) This god of rain and agriculture, the husband of Chalchiuhtlicue presided over the third sun.

Answer: Tlaloc

10) Quetzalcoatl used bones from Mictlan to create man at the beginning of this sun, the current world.

Answer: fifth

21. Identify the following stories from The Canterbury Tales, FTPE.

10) The friar Absolon asks the carpenter's wife for a kiss, but ends up tasting her "beard." Nicholas convinces the carpenter that a flood will soon drown the world, so that he can partake of his wife, but ends up with a burnt butt.

Answer: The Miller's Tale

10) A summoner meets the devil passing as a bailiff and swears brotherhood. They go off to collect payment from a poor widow, after which the summoner joins the devil in body and soul.

Answer: The Friar's Tale

10) A merchant invites his cousin John to his dwelling at Saint Denise. John borrows 100 francs from him and gives it to his wife so that he can partake in her pleasure.

Answer: The Shipman's Tale

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