Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

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special relativity
20. While its author originally planned to write 12 books, his death left it uncompleted with only 6 sections.  Each book focuses on a single Christian virtue, with the books concerning holiness and chastity being the most well known.  While supposedly organized around a quest of King Arthur, most of the story is spent on the quests of individual knights, including Redcrosse and Britomart. Queen Elizabeth inspired the character Gloriana in, FTP, what epic poem by Edmund Spenser?

ANSWER: The Faerie Queene

21. The directorial debut of Godfrey Reggio, its creation spanned over seven years, during which time director of photography Ron Fricke gathered shots of unspoiled nature, clouds, power plants, demolished housing projects, and modern urban life, and Philip Glass composed the pervasive score. Except for the title, intoned at the beginning, and the Hopi prophecies in the final track, not a word is heard in the entire film. FTP, name this 1983 film, “life out of balance” in Hopi, the first and most famous of the recently-completed “Qatsi” trilogy.

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