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17. Discovered in 1671, its 79 day rotation period is equal to its period of revolution. As a result one face is always leading in its orbital motion.  Composed almost entirely of water ice, its leading hemisphere has an albedo of 0.05, while its trailing hemisphere has an albedo of 0.5, the greatest variation of brightness of any object in the solar system.  FTP, identify this third largest moon of Saturn, named after the father of Prometheus.
ANSWER: Iapetus
18. Although successful, he died indebted, and was forgotten until a Thore Burger essay in 1866 attributed 66 works to him.  He rejected early history paintings, like Christ in the House of Mary and Martha for genre paintings, often focusing on soft light effects, such as The Music Lesson. Interested in science, he created works like The Geographer and Woman Holding a Balance, and employed a camera obscura in works, notably in his View of Delft. FTP, name this Dutch artist of Girl with a Pearl Earring.

ANSWER: Johannes Vermeer

19. The Dirac equation was developed to make quantum mechanics compatible with this, from which the division of particles into bosons and fermions can easily be derived.  This theory allows a very concise representation of Maxwell’s laws in terms of four-vectors, which is not surprising as Maxwell’s laws provided much of the impetus towards its development.  For ten points, identify this physical theory first proposed by Einstein in a 1905 paper.

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