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Artic National Wildlife Refuge

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Artic National Wildlife Refuge Accept: ANWR (or the phonetic pronunciation of the acronym, an-warr)
14. This Roman general and politician reformed the army to increase its efficiency, and allowed the poor to enlist for the first time.  He was famous for his capture of King Jugurtha of Numidia, and his defeat of the Germanic tribes at the battles of Aquae Sextiae and Vercellae.  He held the office of consul a record seven times.  FTP, name this leader of the populares who fought a civil war against the conservative Lucius Cornelius Sulla. ANSWER: Gaius Marius
15. From the collection Residence on Earth, which coincided in timing with European fascism, to "Canto de amor para Stalingrado", a poem read to honor the Red Army, this poet was rarely afraid to express his political views, views for which he was both elected as a Senator and forced to leave his country as an exile. However, he was also known for his love poetry; his marriage to Matilde Urrutia inspired him to produce many works, among which is One Hundred Love Sonnets. FTP, name the Chilean whose most famous work is Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair.

ANSWER:  Pablo Neruda

16. This battle of the American Civil War is widely considered Robert E. Lee’ s greatest achievement. Fought from May 1-4, 1863, Lee divided his army into three parts in order to defeat an opposing army three times the size of his own.  His stunning victory opened the way for the invasion of the North which culminated at Gettysburg and caused the replacement of Joseph Hooker by George Meade.  FTP, name this battle in which Confederate general Stonewall Jackson was fatally wounded.


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