Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

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nitric oxide (accept also NO)
12. Ironically, this man’ s work has recently been overshadowed by many of the contemporaries whom he promoted incessantly, including Yeats, Joyce, and Eliot, whom he discovered in London. A virulent anti-Semite and supporter of the Fascist regime in Italy, he was tried for treason by the United States, but found unfit to stand trial.  His most famous works include Hugh Selwyn Mauberly, The Cantos, and In a Station of the Metro. FTP, name this poet and founder of Imagism.  
ANSWER:  Ezra Pound
13. Created on December 6, 1960, it is home to two large caribou herds, the Porcupine Herd and the Central Arctic Herd. It also contains nesting grounds for many species of migratory birds, including the Arctic Tern. Recently, it has gained political prominence, in part because the United States Geological Survey estimates that its Coastal Plain region sits atop 7.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil. FTP, name this Federal landholding, which the Bush Administration wants to open to energy exploration.

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