Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

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social constructivism
6. According to Greek myth, this city's notable absence from the tales concerning the Trojan War was due to its capture and destruction a generation earlier. It was founded by the Phoenician Cadmus and it walls were built by the music of Amphion, a son of Zeus. FTP, name this city whose most famous mythological king was Oedipus, the son of Laius.
ANSWER: Thebes

7. Born on April 5, 1957 in Key West, Florida, she earned a Bachelor's degree in History from Agnes Scott College in 1979. Later she worked as a marketing executive with IBM and then as vice president of a commercial real estate firm. In 1994, she was elected to the Florida State Senate from Sarasota County where she served until she became Florida's Secretary of State in 1999. For 10 points, name this prominent figure in the 2000 Florida election debacle who was recently elected to the House of Representatives.

ANSWER: Katherine Harris

8. The local aborigines identify the largest of this mass of rocks, first explored by Europeans in 1872, as the home of the snake Wanambi. Poisonous snake men, the Liru, make camp in the southwestern portion of the rocks before setting out to attack neighboring Uluru. With its highest rock reaching fifteen hundred feet, identify, FTP, this landmark of central Australia, named for a Spanish queen, known as Kata Tjuta to the locals, but less famous than its neighbor Ayers Rock.

ANSWER: The Olgas
9. This band has been together since their 1992 debut despite keyboardist Kevin Hearn's bout with leukemia. Novelty songs "A" and "Little Tiny Song" can be found on their album "Maybe You Should Drive." Off their most recent album, "Maroon", the song "Pinch Me" got significant air time, but not as much as their breakout hits from "Stunt." For 10 points, name this Canadian band whose fans are known for pelting them with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese during performances of "If I Had A Million Dollars."

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