Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

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4. This region, located in northwestern Europe, was the site of the Battle of Crecy in the Hundred Years’ War, and prolonged fighting in the First World War, during which John McCrae wrote a poem about it.  Today, it is split between France and Belgium.  FTP, name this European region which shares its name with Homer Simpson’s preternaturally cheerful neighbor.

ANSWER: Flanders
5. This theory has recently begun to play a major role in the philosophy of technology, and while many are skittish that it will try to “explain away” scientific truth in terms of social embeddedness, proponents such as Berger and Luckmann argue it can be used to understand the process by which such knowledge is formed and transmitted. Central assumptions include the role of community in making meaning, the role of valued adults, culture, and language in cognitive development, and the existence of the Zone of Proximal Development.  FTP, name this theory first championed by Lev Vygosky in the 1930s, which emphasizes cultural and social contexts in learning and development.

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