Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

Woolf and Vita or Victoria Sackville-West

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Woolf and Vita or Victoria Sackville-West
21. Identify the following associated with a certain NFL franchise, for 5 points per answer.
[5] This 4-6 team has had four coaches in the past three years under the watchful eye of psycopath owner Dan Snyder. The current victim is Steve Spurrier.
ANSWER: Washington Redskins (accept either)
[10] Name the last two coaches of the Redskins. One was fired for leading the team to an 8-8 record in his first season, and the other kept the seat warm after Norv Turner was deposed near the end of the 2000 season.
ANSWER: Marty Schottenheimer and Terry Robiskie
[15] Spurrier has so far turned out to be a kindred spirit to Snyder, playing the game of "rotisserie quarterback." Name the three quarterbacks involved.
ANSWER: Patrick Ramsey, Danny Wuerffel, and Shane Matthews

22. Name this... um... "nontraditional" offshoot of a major world religion 30-20-10:

[30] Polygamy, orgies, and lesbianism are encouraged, though Jesus frowns upon male homosexuality. They have been rumored to predict the end of the world in 2006.
[20] This "Christian" sect, founded by David Berg, was based on the "Mo Letters" he supposedly received that revealed God as "a pimp", who loved nothing more then having sex with his wife, the Holy Ghost.
[10] Before the onset of AIDS, their main recruitment tactic was "flirty fishing", in which the choicest female members would go forth unto bars, pick up drunk guys, and teach 'em all about God, if you know what I mean.
ANSWER: the Children of God or The Family or Heaven's Magic or Martinelli or World Services or Fellowship of Independent Christian Churches

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