Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

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Harold Harefoot

11. Identify the following types of isomerism found in

coordination compounds on a 5-10-15 basis.
[5]  Familiar from organic chemistry, these kinds of isomers can be facial or meridinal, as well as the more common cis- and trans-.
ANSWER: geometric isomers
[15]  These isomers arise when a ligand is capable of bonding to a metal atom at multiple sites.
ANSWER: linkage isomers
[10]  Linkage isomers are a special case a of these kind of isomers.   In organic chemistry, they are the most commonly found type of isomer.
ANSWER: structural or constitutional
12. After a long day of running tournaments, Ben enjoys kicking back and having a drink or two (or three) of his favorite beverage - whiskey! FTSNOP, help him by identifying these types of whiskey.

[5] For 5 points, this type of whiskey, made primarily from barley, has a distinctive smoky flavor and can be very harsh to the untrained tongue.

ANSWER: scotch
[5] For 5 points, this whiskey, made primarily from corn, is the sweetest and one of the smoothest whiskeys available. Jack Daniels is an exemplary example.
ANSWER: bourbon
[10] For 10 points, similar to bourbon in smoothness, this whiskey can contain wheat and barley in the mash, but over half of it must be from its namesake grain.
[10] For 10 points, this is the general term for a whiskey that doesn't contain a majority of any one type, or source, of grain.
ANSWER: blended whisky
13. Identify these Persian dynasties FTPE.
[10] This dynasty ruled Persia from 224-651 AD. It overthrew the Parthian Empire, and survived an invasion by the Hephthalites and a centuries- long feud with the Romans before being conquered by the Arabs.  

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