Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

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B.  The Congresswoman from this state's second district, Patsy Takemoto Mink, died before the election but too late to take her name off the ballot; she won anyway, so a special election will be held on January

Answer: Hawaii

C. This state's new 7th Congressional district was drawn by a judge to be competitive, and certainly turned out that way: before an automatic and still-uncompleted December recount, Republican Bob Beauprez was
leading by only 122 votes out of more than 170,000 cast.

Answer: Colorado

10. Answer these questions about Anglo-Saxon kings 5-10-15.
[5] This King of Wessex from 871-899 became king at the age of 22, despite being preceded on the throne by four older brothers, and is famous for being the first man recognized as King of all England after his defeat of the Danes.
ANSWER: Alfred the Great
[10] This King of Mercia from 757-796 dug a long defensive dyke along the border with Wales, and ruled over most of southern England.

[15] This bastard son of King Canute ruled England from 1037-1040, gaining the throne after a struggle with his half-brother Hardecanute.  It is not known whether his unusual surname derived from a physical abnormality or from skill as a runner.


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