Bulldogs Over Broadway 2002: Time to Drop the Samer

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diminished seventh
[10] This chromatically altered major triad, mainly found in minor, leads to the dominant and is almost always found in first inversion. Its root is scale degree flat 2, and unlike the various augmented sixth chords, its geographic name seems to have some merit.
ANSWER: Neapolitan
8. Though Vladimir Nabokov is most notorious for his epic tale of love and pedophilia, Lolita, he also produced works with an intriguing range of themes and subjects. For 10 points each, name each of the following of Nabokov's work, given a brief description
[10] This work ranks among Nabokov's strangest. Dealing with themes of self-realization and self-confinement, it is also richly absurdist, and features, among other things, a waltz between the prisoner Cincinnatus and the prison warden.

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