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Judaism—An Ongoing Faith

ESSENTIAL QUESTION What happened to Jewish beliefs when the Jews were in exile?

Although the Jews were scattered throughout the Roman Empire, many stayed faithful to their religious beliefs. Despite their scattering, they continued to try to practice the biblical concepts of righteousness and justice. Teachers and the Law After the Romans destroyed the second Temple, many Jews worried that they would lose their identity as a people. Religious leaders and teachers called rabbis tried to make sure this did not happen. Wherever Jews settled, they built places for prayer and worship called synagogues. At the synagogue, the people gathered to hear the rabbis read the Torah and interpretations, or Commentaries, on the Torah.

The Jews also held onto their faith by carefully following the laws and observing the customs of their religion. They created schools where Jewish children studied the Torah and learned the prayers of their faith.

How did Jews keep their culture alive?

Lesson Summary

• The Jews overthrew their Syrian rulers.

• The Romans harshly put down a Jewish revolt.

• The Jews held onto their faith.

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