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Why It Matters Now . . .

Ancient Egypt still fascinates people. Books and movies portray the mystery of mummies and tombs. People wear jewelry and use household objects modeled on Egyptian artifacts.

Terms & Names

1. Explain the importance of


pharaoh step pyramid




Using Your Notes

Summarizing Use your completed diagram to answer the following question:

2. What was the purpose of the pyramids?

Main Ideas

3. Why were religion and government not separate in ancient Egypt? (6.2.3)

4. What were some of the main features of Egyptian art? (6.2.5)

5. What group was able to conquer Egypt during the Middle Kingdom? (CST 1)

Critical Thinking

6. Evaluating Information Why did Egypt experience a period of change during the Middle Kingdom? (CST 1)

7. Making Decisions Did pyramids accomplish their purpose? Consider what they did for a pharaoh while he lived and after he died. (

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