Brutus’ Speech Marc Antony’s Speech

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Brutus’ Speech

Marc Antony’s Speech

Attention Getter

- He says that Caesar should not be the ruler; he had to be murdered

- He carried out Caesar’s bloody corpse




-Use your wisdom and mind to judge

-Brutus tells them he gave Antony permission to speak

-Mentions how Caesar turned down the crown 3 times

-He read Caesar’s will—They are all heirs!




-raises his dagger and offers to kill himself

-he says he loved Caesar

-asks crowd if they wanted to be slaves

-shows them the body and has them look at the many stab wounds


-repeats that Caesar was “ambitious”

-repeats that Caesar was “ambitious”

BUT Brutus was “honorable” –sarcasm!



I loved Caesar, but I loved Rome more”

I’m here to bury Caesar, not to praise them”

He says the men are honorable, but disproves their honor

  1. Which speech relies more on reason? Which speech relies more on emotion?

-Brutus says here’s what I did and here are my reasons.

-Antony says they are the wounds…look at them!

  1. What was the most effective/convincing part of Brutus’ speech?

-Brutus offers to kill himself.

  1. What was the most effective/convincing part of Antony’s speech?

-He shows the body.

-He informs them that they are all heirs in Caesar’s will ($)

  1. Who understands human nature (how people act/react) better, Brutus or Marc Antony? Explain your answer with 3 specific examples.


  1. called the Romans “Friends”

  2. used emotion

  3. talked about how Brutus and Caesar “were” best friends, now one has murdered the other

  4. he appealed to logic by mentioning the crown incident

*Brutus made a mistake by allowing Antony the final word or any word!

  1. Predict what will happen after these two speeches are delivered.

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