Brown vs Board of Education

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Brown vs Board of Education

  • After the Civil War Congress passed several laws protecting the civil rights of the blacks…many were disregarded

  • 1883 it said that racial discrimination was unconstitutional

  • 1896 Plessey vs Ferguson …upheld a law separate but equal accommodations on railroad cars for 50 years that ruling was applied even in public schools until 1954 segregation in public schools unconstitutional

  • Constitution is the nation’s rule book…basic principles

  • 14th amendment addresses citizenship, (gives it to slaves) dual process and equal protection ( protects basic civil rights)

  • Supreme Court…

    • highest court…chief justices (salary approx. $170,000)

    • 1st called to assemble on Feb. 1, 1790 in the Merchants Exchange Building in NYC

    • 1st case heard 1792

Civil Rights Act 1964…job discrimination

Civil Rights Act 1968…housing

Tone…writer’s attitude toward the subject and audience

Ex. Serious, formal, reflective

Informative Essay…a short nonfiction work that explains or gives information about a topic

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