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  1. What happened to Virginia cities after the Civil War and Reconstruction?

1. They began to grow with people, businesses and factories

  1. What was the most important factor in the growth of cities after Reconstruction?

2. The railroads

  1. What Virginia cities really grew because of the railroads?

3. Roanoke, Richmond, Norfolk, Newport News, Alexandria, Petersburg and Lynchburg

  1. What three areas did the railroads help expand?

4. Business, agriculture and industry

  1. What did railroads bring to cities?

5. People and jobs

  1. What industry helped Tazewell county grow?

6. Coal deposits

  1. Where were coal deposits found?

7. Tazewell county and later other nearby counties

  1. Because of the growth in Virginia what was needed?

8. There was a need for more and better roads

  1. What became important industries in Virginia after Reconstruction?

9. Tobacco farming and Tobacco products

10. Why did Virginia change from an agricultural society after the Civil War?


  • Old systems of farming were no longer effective.

  • Crop prices were low.

11. Why did Virginia cities begin to grow after the Civil War?


  • People moved from rural to urban areas for economic opportunities.

  • Technological developments in transportation, roads, railroads, and streetcars helped cities grow.

12. Why have people moved to Virginia from other countries and states?

12. Jobs, freedom, and the enjoyment of Virginia’s beauty and quality of life.

13. What happened to help the Northern Virginia area grow after World War II?


  • Northern Virginia has experienced growth due to increases in the number of federal jobs located in the region.

14. What areas grew after World War II due to computer technology?

14. Northern Virginia and the Tidewater region.

15. Northern Virginia experienced a large growth after World War II because of an increase in what kind of jobs?

15. Federal jobs and computer technology

16. What makes up Virginia’s transportation system?

16. Highways, railroads and air transportation

17. What does Virginia’s transportation system do?

17. It moves raw materials to factories and finished products to markets

18. What does export mean?

18. To send out of state or country

19. What does Virginia export?

19. Virginia exports agricultural and manufactured products, including tobacco, poultry, coal, and large ships.

20. How have advances in communications and technology helped the economy grow?

20. Virginia has a large number of communications and other technology industries.

21. What industry is a major part of Virginia’s economy?

21. Tourism

22. In what ways is Virginia part of the U.S. economy?

22. Because many federal workers live and/or work in Virginia, the federal government has a significant impact on Virginia’s economy.

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