Broken Spears Story Summary

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Broken Spears Story


1 The Omens – Part One

Aztecs dreamt of omens: sky was on fire every night for a year; temple bursts into flames on its own & can’t be put out; another temple is hit by lightning on sunny day; comet falls and divides into three parts

2 The Omens – Part Two

Omens continue: water from lake boils and destroys houses; woman crying to her children; strange bird that has mirror on its head showing men coming for war; enormous two headed creatures

3 Strange Men off the Coast

Common men say they see strange “mountains” in the sea, Motecuhzoma tells them to find an official & figure out what it is. Officials see strange looking men fishing. King is depressed when he hears news.

4 Mexicas Bring Gifts to the “God”

Aztecs bring religious & cultural gifts to the strangers hoping they may be gods, Cortes is very unimpressed with the gifts & wants more

5 Reporting Back Their Findings

Messengers tell Motecuhzoma about their encounter with the strangers. Including their dress, looks, foods, animals, and weapons. King is scared.

6 Speeches of Cortes and Motecuhzoma

Cortes is taken to capital city & Motecuhzoma thinks he is a god and offers him gifts & his throne. Cortes tells him that we come as friends

7 The Strangers attack the Fiesta

Motecuhzoma asks Cortes for permission for a religious fiesta. Aztec elders want to bring weapons to the fiesta and king says “no, they are not our enemies” later, Spanish attack the Aztecs at the fiesta.

8 Death of a King & A New Enemy

Aztecs and Spanish fight a war, Spanish capture Motecuhzoma. Spanish ask King to calm his people down but he is hit by a rock thrown from crowd and dies three days later. The war continues & the Aztecs find out other Indians will help out Spanish

9 The Final Battle

While Cortes & La Malinche convice other Indians to join them, a great plague breaks out in Aztec capital due to Spanish disease. People are weaker and dying. The Spanish & Tlaxcalans brutally attack the city, prevent escape & Aztecs watch their city being destroyed

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