Brock Barr Period 2 3/2/15 Kupuna Kūpuna Speech Outline I. Introduction

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Brock Barr

Period 2



Kūpuna Speech Outline

I. Introduction

A. Attention-Getter – Statistic- As of the 2010 census, there were approximately 8,000 pure Hawaiian left, less than 8 percent of the population of that time. That was five years ago. Try to imagine now, how much pure Hawaiian are left. Since there isn’t that many left, we have resorted to keeping the culture alive. My grandmother, Betty Olivera was one of the people that kept the culture alive.

B. Link To Thesis – It is telling how much pure Hawaiians are left and it is connecting to the continuation of the culture in which I am making my grandmother out to be.

C. Thesis Statement – My Kupuna, Betty Olivera, was an ideal Hawaiian person of her age.

D. Preview of Points- She is (morally rooted), (Interdependent), and (culturally strong).

II. Body

A. Main Point 1 – My Kupuna was morally rooted

a. Subpoint 1- when she was alive, she would enforce the Hawaiian values when I was younger. She would tell me to act pono and to mālama the ʻāina. I considered her the embodiment of my Hawaiian side.

1. Narrative

b. Subpoint 2- when I was in Kindergarten, she lived with us, I used to read aloud with her and she would correct me to help in my pronunciation. She wouldn’t just let me say the word wrong because it would make me better.

1. Narrative
B. Main Point 1 – My Kupuna was also interdependent

a. Subpoint 1- Parents always worked. Her older sister, Hana, would make sure that they would get the chores done. She would have to do things on her own without her parents.

1. Narrative

b. Subpoint 2- She was the fourth child out of nine so she had to take care of her younger siblings as well as herself.

1. Example
C. Main Point 1 – My Kupuna was culturally strong

a. Subpoint 1- Hawaiian culture wasn’t as heavily supported back then as it is now. They enforced speaking English in school. “Back then people in Hawaii expressed the Hawaiian values. Now days, people don’t show the Hawaiian values as prominently.”- Lydia

1. Fact

b. Subpoint 2- Danced hula in a Halau in her early twenties and traveled the country.

1. Testimony

III. Conclusion

A. Restate Thesis – My Kupuna, Betty was an ideal Hawaiian person of her age.

B. Review of Points - She was (attribute 1), (Interdependent), and (culturally strong).

C. Closing Statement – Quote – “ A people without the knowledge of there past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey. Now days, we need people like that, who are culturally rooted that perpetuate the culture. In her time on Earth, she did just that.

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