Broad Conceptualization of Beauty Scale

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Broad Conceptualization of Beauty Scale (BCBS; Final Version)
Permission to use this measure is not required. However, we do request that you notify the corresponding author via email if you use the Broad Conceptualization of Beauty Scale in your research. Please seek permission if any item is modified.
For each item, the following response scale should be used: Strongly Disagree (scored as 1), Moderately Disagree (2), Slightly Disagree (3), Neither Agree Nor Disagree (4), Slightly Agree (5), Moderately Agree (6), Strongly Agree (7).
Directions for participants: How do YOU define women’s beauty? Please indicate the extent to which you agree with each statement. We are only interested in YOUR beliefs, which may or may not be reflected by others or society.

  1. Even if a physical feature is not considered attractive by others or by society, I think that it can be beautiful.

  2. A woman’s confidence level can change my perception of her physical beauty.

  3. I think that a wide variety of body shapes are beautiful for women.

  4. I think that thin women are more beautiful than women who have other body types.*

  5. A woman’s soul or inner spirit can change my perception of her physical beauty.

  6. I define a woman’s beauty differently than how it is portrayed in the media.

  7. A woman’s acceptance of herself can change my perception of her physical beauty.

  8. I appreciate a wide range of different looks as beautiful.

  9. I think that women of all body sizes can be beautiful.

*Reverse score.

Scoring Procedure: Reverse score Item 4, and then average participants’ responses to Items 1-9.
Note. Some researchers may wish to create a variable that reflects women’s perceptions of other women’s beauty (BCBS items) and their own beauty (BAS-2 Item 10). To do this, create an interaction term by multiplying the BCBS total score with Item 10 of the BAS-2, “I feel like I am beautiful even if I am different from media images of attractive people (e.g., models, actresses/actors).”
Download 6.01 Kb.

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