British imperialism in india

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leen cleared by that preliminary fa,
meastwe^ an emancipated India.

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leisure to organize the future pol
sixth of the human race.

Some far-sighted Englishmen
that the present politica
to tlie same condition as was
Ireland before the granting o
according- to Sir Charles Ross
Pioneer of Allahabad, an Aag
that the British Government
make concession to the
to full Dominion Status.

As time goes by, the 2

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tialists will become more radical an<

be satisfied with any concessions i

Indian people be accorded by their

in full control over their Nations

Poreig-n Policy and Internal Affairs. B

seems to many Indian Nationalists, as i

been expressed in the editorial of

Calcutta, that the policy of grantin

sions to India may prove to be

61. "Future of India and the S
the Asiatic Review ( London ) April,

62. An editorial in The Pioneer of Allahab
25, 1928.

63. An editorial in the
24, 1928.



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