British Conquest and the Great Deportation

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British Conquest and the Great Deportation

Read Pages 148-154 in your textbook to help answer the following questions

  1. What are two possible reasons the British government asked the Acadians to leave Acadia in 1713? Why did the Acadians stay?

  1. What are two possible reasons the British asked the Acadians to take an “oath of neutrality” in 1730, rather than making them leave Acadia?

  1. What does the term “deport” mean? Is there ever a time when a person should be “deported” from Canada today? If so, why should they be deported?

  1. How are Cajun people in the United States related to Acadians?

  1. What was the Great Deportation?

  1. Did Lieutenant-Colonel John Winslow want to deport the Acadians? Support your answer with a quote from the story.

  1. Why did Lieutenant-Colonel John Winslow have armed guards with him when he told the Acadians of the planned deportation?

  1. Imagine you were an Acadian in 1756. How would you have responded to the news that you were going to be deported from your homeland?

  1. List three reasons the British government felt it had to begin the deportation of Acadians from Acadia in 1755.

  1. Page 154 discusses the apology Queen Elizabeth II gave the Acadians in 2003. In your opinion, should there be a time limit on responsibility for the past. Why or why not?

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