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Romeo H. Hristov

Mailing address:

412A Sailmaster Street Tel: (512) 261-5658

Lakeway, TX 78734 Cell: (512) 779-0807

● Articles about Romeo H. Hristov’s research have been published in many prestigious scholarly and popular science journals: New Scientist (UK) 02/12/2000, pp.7; Spectrum der Wissenschft/Scientific American (Germany) 04/04/2000, pp.10; Sciences et Avenir (France), 05/2000, pp.14; Illustret Vitenskap (Denmark) 04/2000, pp.15; Archeologia Viva (Italy) 05/06/2000, pp.5; Airone (Italy) 05/06/2000, pp.68-74; Archaeological Digghings (Australia) 0607/2000, pp.23-25; L’Hebdo (Switzerland) 05/2000, pp. 80-82; Koktel (Czech Republic) 06/2000, pp. 26, among others, as well in several leading newspapers around the world: The Boston Globe (USA) 02/10/2000, pp.A02; The Guardian (UK) 02//10/2000, pp.2; Daily Mail (UK) 02/10/2000, pp.25; Sunday Times (UK) 02/13/2000, pp. 13; Vancouver Sun (Canada) 02/10/2000, pp. A4, The Ottava Citizen (Canada) 02/10/2000, pp. A 14, The Calgary Herald (Canada) 02/17/2000, pp. B10; Corriere della Sera (Italy) 02/27/2000, pp.29; Der Standard (Austria) 02/26/2000, pp.6; Der Bund (Switzeland) 02/26/2000, O Estado (Brazil) 02/10/2000, pp. A13; Eindhovens Dagblad (Holland) 02/22/2000, pp.24; Excelsior (Mexico) 03/18/2000, pp. A6, and others, totaling publications in 23 countries in 18 languages. Romeo H. Hristov’s research also has been discussed in Fox News and ABC News (USA), Discovery Channel (Canada), Telereggio (Italy) as well in several others television and radio programs in USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Spain.

● University of Salamanca, Spain; PhD (ABD) in archaeology/prehistory and ancient history (1997-2001)

● National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico City; BA/MA in archaeology 1990-1996

Representative publications:
● Hristov, R. and S. Genovés (2005) The “Phoenician” head from Las Balsas, Mexico Antiquity. 79(304),

● Hristov, R., S. Genovés and Mario Navarrete (2005) Acerca de una medalla “romana de Tatatila, Mexico, Revista Española de Antropología Americana. 35: 207-240

● Hristov, R. and S. Genovés (2003) ¿Un viaje romano a México precolombino? Ciencia. Revista de la Academia Mexicana de Ciencias. 54(3):35-38

● Hristov, R., S. Genovés and S. Jett (2002) Una figurilla china de San Francisco Huehuetlán, Oaxaca, Cuadernos Americanos (Nueva época). 6(96):123-131

● Hristov, R. and S. Genovés (2001) Reply to Peter Schaaf and Günther Wagner ‘s “Comments on Mesoamerican Evidence of Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Contacts”, Ancient Mesoamerica. 12(1): 83-85

● Hristov, R. and S. Genovés (1999) Mesoamerican Evidence of Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Contacts”, Ancient Mesoamerica. 10(2): 207-213

● Hristov, R. (1999) Contactos transoceánicos: Respuesta a Luis G. Calderón, Arqueolgía Mexicana. VI(36): 4-5

● Hristov, R. and S. Genovés (1998) Viajes transatlánticos antes de Colón, Arqueolgía Mexicana. VI(33): 48-53

● Hristov, R. and S. Genovés (1998) Por una cabeza, National Geographic (Latin American Edition). 3(5):XII

● Hristov, R. (1998) Review of John L. Sorenson and Martin H. Raish (1996) Pre-Columbian contacts with the Americas across the oceans. An Annotaded Bibliography. Provo: Research Press. Cuadernos Americanos (Nueva época). 2(68):237-239

Research /Teaching:
Visiting scholar, University of Texas at Austin, TX (05/25/2002-present)

● Spanish language instructor in Triton College, Des Plaines, IL (08/272001-12/31/20021)

● Visiting scholar, University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM (01/06/2000-07/01/2001)

● Spanish and Russian language teacher, Berlitz Language Center in Dallas, TX (09-01/1999-06/01/2000)

● Visiting scholar, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX (01/01/1999-30/06/2000)

● Co-director (with Santiago Genovés T., emeritus professor of anthropology at IIA-UNAM, Mexico) of the archaeological project “Register and dating of possible archaeological evidences from Mesoamerica, relative of pre-Columbian trans-Atlantic contacts” (05/01/1995-06/30/1999).

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