Bretea Streiouli orphanage, Deva Romania


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Holidays are over and a bit melancholic we are on the way back to Latina. After wild binge my cholesterol level must have rocketed up; next month I need to do my six-month check up and if I don’t go on a diet the Institute of legal medicine people will not allow me to fly and there’s nothing worse for a pilot than to be 100% stuck on earth.

Anyway it was worth it. I went through the full mountain songs repertoire. At the village during holidays there is no need for an auditorium, you just need to go to a bar or to someone’s basement. There you can see the wildest comrade singing along with the most inveterate Christian democrat only bound by the fact that both served as Alpine Corps in the army. I could not help but thinking of organising mixed choirs of Israelis and Palestinians, perhaps they would realise they belong to the same pack: the human species.

Well, I don’t think it would work out: they are too absorbed by Yahweh and Allah respectively. Probably they ignore it is just the same thing, namely the need to justify our existence to a higher Divine Being. If this is the reason they are in good company with many others: the Olympus, Jupiter, the Parmenidean One, the Pythagoras number, the Aristotle Prime Mover etc . .....

As far as I know nobody has scientifically proved their existence. If it is about a trivial and down-to-earth issue, namely the division of some land, those people are really silly not to reach an agreement. What a slaughter, what an insult to life is to see twenty year-old kids blow themselves up killing other kids, other people in the name of we hardly know who. Influenced and enslaved by the so called spiritual leaders who elected themselves God’s representatives on earth. How dare they? They do create problems to Islam, they benefit from privileges, they are served and considered sacred people, shown in procession like icons to worship. But if you scratch under the surface of things you find out there are always the same things lying underneath: money and power. They care very little about spiritual matters. They are theoreticians of the government of God on earth, theocrats whose sole purpose is to preserved the privileges acquired selling them off as God laws. The Western world is a real threat not to Islam but to the men-dominated world which holds women and not only women in slavery conditions. I think that the word Islam means “resignation, submissiveness”.

A submissive person is supposed to be very tolerant and in fact the vast majority of Islamic people are tolerant, and in fact you just have to observe women’s condition and behaviour. The problem is that some spiritual leaders of that world have pushed this concept to the extreme, convincing few groups of people to bend to total resignation and sacrifice their own life. The spiritual leaders’ true enemy is information, internet, as for the first time they perceive that it will be impossible to keep their own people ignorant and segregated.

America and the Western world are only an excuse and it is just a matter of time. The Muslim people will find the ancient sense of tolerance again. They will conquer freedom and the right to govern independently of religions and other orientations, just like the first Greek philosophers in regards to the Olympus.

Out of all the government types developed by man the Theocratic one is the worst as it combines highest discrimination among human beings with arrogance of claiming to do things in God’s name.

"Bishops, mullahs, rabbis, sorcerers" they are not righteous if they consider themselves God’s representatives governing earthly matters. They merely have to give us a hand to interpret sacred writings leaving the government power to ordinary people.

As a mirror image on the other hand there is the people elected by God: Israel. I understand their vicissitudes, the horrendous crimes they have suffered but they should also meditate on some issues.

God – who is immensely righteous, and immensely fair - handed over the stone tablets to Moses. Did He do that because the Jews were the chosen people? If this story is true, I believe that God did not chose anyone, He simply gave His laws to men.

Apart from Mount Sinai setting, I believe that the Jewish people considers itself as “the chosen one” for some historical circumstances.

The pride for considering themselves the chosen people is the primary cause of their troubles. I have the feeling that they deliberately searched for solitude and isolation somehow as a consequence of being persecuted. They gathered in a pack and they are also characterised by their outward appearance. The most orthodox ones wear black garments with long beards and hair or braids, others wear a hat, a kippah to remind everyone that they are Jews, the chosen people. They almost wear military uniform and before being men or ordinary people they are Jews.

Frankly this aspect, this sort of pride sin makes them unpleasant and it comes to no surprise that in history someone reminded them – with violent and ruthless means that they are men and women just like any other. Moreover someone pushed things even further grossly stating that the chosen and pure race was the Aryan people.

When you claim to govern in the name of God that’s where the troubles begin. Any law which is sold off as being Divine consequently rules out all the others. The issue is that there are Abraham, Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Manitou etc. ...

Who is the one embodying the supreme divine law? We will never find out because if we did we would get so close to God as to become God ourselves. It is wise that God is left in the background and that nobody dares to elect himself as his representative on earth.

People erected wonderful monuments to their God: the Vatican, Mecca, the Temple of Solomon, the Mosques, the Pyramids ..... are all sacred places and in some cases they are the subject of controversy as the city of Jerusalem ....

"This is my God’s wall! No, it belongs to my God and therefore I am the only one who can pray here.

As a sign of submissiveness some of them move their heads back and forth when they read the sacred writings, others whip themselves in procession to mortify their flesh.

My favourite prayer is the Indian prayer for Manitou; they dance with their back straight and the prairie is their temple. I doubt that God wants us as slaves, He wants us to be thankful to Him

When I go to St. Peter's I am amazed by the majesty of that place, I feel very tiny and everything there reminds me that if I am not obedient to God Laws I will be doomed.

But is the worship place so important place? Well ... ....

My Temple is on the shore in Latina: the sun is setting and I am sitting on sand dunes on the Sabaudia coast, a light breeze is blowing and the sea is as smooth as oil. I perceive its apparent motion, it is disclosed to me filtered through the atmosphere as to remind me that I am not allowed to see it fully in its magnificence.

A mullet is splashing out of the water, it must be chased by an amberjack or a bluefish; I am waiting a bit concerned, I cannot spot the bluefish reaching the surface again, I like to think that it could make it, but who knows?

Around me there are many cyclamens, a solitary one is between my legs, I am looking at him and I realise it is greater than St. Peter's, the Mecca, and the Temple of Solomon altogether.

Maybe I'm praying, the pleasant breeze makes me realise that He is a friend and that the only law that I am allowed to know is that the 'Natural Order of things. "

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a direct consequence of this life conception and of the earthly matter Government which is not legitimized by law but by God himself through the "Koran" on the one hand and the "Torah" on the other.

In this respect some Muslims crossed the line conceiving the "Party of God," as if God could be a party, no one could insult him more!

On the other hand a democracy strongly influenced by religion exists, it is a fundamentalist one in regards to race and it loves to show signs of distinction to remind it to everybody

In this conflict the true liable people are the Mullah and Ulema on one hand and Rabbis on the other. They can be identified and recognized through the image of the Western Wall.

The third party plays the auditor in Rome; a millennium ago it was in full action, with the same logic there in those places. Today it merely issues expected appeals about peace and brotherhood among peoples (not among the Christian God, Allah and Yahweh because for the auditor in Rome the only God is the Christian one) aware or not to be the indirect responsible party for these conflicts.

At present this war is one of the most loathsome things existing on earth, because it does not even have the dignity of a standard "war". In the past two armies faced one another. You looked at your enemy in the eyes then there was the looting and pillaging..... but those were another matter.

Today wars are asymmetrical as they say, people deliberately hide in their homes and schools, while children and civilians are used as a shield. Missiles are launched at random and then the counter part reaction is expected to acknowledge the massacre of children.

The reporters’ ingenuity in these theatres of war is amazing, full page headlines report: Massacre of 70 children! But how bad are these people who enjoy killing innocents!

Neither a word, nor a comment about terrorists used by the counterpart as a shield.

It seems that they do not realise they are in a war zone.

If I am a father with 10 children, my country is at war with anybody and I consent to regular forces or terrorists to position a flak over my house I am evidently aware I can become a potential target and I cannot surely complain or be a moralist if the counter part shoots me, my wife of my 10 children, because deliberately or cowardly I have decided to sacrifice them. This is the war logic, whether you like it or not, it has always existed and it will exist in the future, perhaps under different forms.

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