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Italians have such a low opinion of themselves that identify themselves with political parties. To change party means to deny themselves, leave their pack; what a nonsense! In our Constitution political parties are only quoted once, they are private associations, just like bowling associations and we turned them into temples.

These cheating bureaucrats know it well, they sleep peacefully, they receive their lifetime annuity, but I can guarantee you that if they knew that Italians are ready and swift in changing vote that would scare their pants off.

“You are right, but here things work this way: you can present the best programme in the world but you will not get a single vote from the two political blocks; then there are hundreds of undecided individuals left that you have to mark closely”.

No, no I do not think this is the case, take into account that they are aware that I am a Radical Party supporter and you know what 97% of Italians think of the Radical Party, and of Mr Pannella….they are all faggots, drug addicts and whores.

"This is a bit of an exaggeration my dear cousin, but actually… Cicciolina7 in Parliament .....!"

Is it funny? Well have a laugh then… I’ll explain it to you….why Cicciolina ended up there.

Well Cicciolina is a porn star, she is a member of the Radical Party and she asked to run for a constituency in Rome. The Radical Party by-laws does not discriminate anyone; you can either be a former mafia leader like Andraus or a porn star. The party gives neither moral judgement nor licence to be a democratic, sensible person. The Radical Party does not have arbitrators.

"Who are the Arbitrators?

The Arbitrator is a very serious person, repository of morality, he is always extremely upset because he has to supervise the members’ professional conduct, during congress he is always on stage, he never laughs and you have to be careful about what you say because you could be expelled from the party. As he never lets himself go at night he secretly goes kerb-crawling.

Going back to the party by-laws in the Radical Party congress you vote a motion you want to put forward giving 5 or 10 points to it. They refer to little things such as divorce, abortion, judges’ civil liability, the right to vote for eighteen year old people, the single-candidate system, political parties public financing and so on ..... things that do not regard or affect the Italians’ life. If you agree to pursue those objectives, you become a party member for one year and not to life as you do with the Trade Union and fight you own battles.

These radical idiots have another flaw, they say that you have to finance politics, in fact, poor jerks they have returned public money to the people in the street. The problem of the people you vote instead is whether they have to be between the Centre or the Centre-Left or between the Centre or the Centre-left middle. Eventually nobody knows what they do there.

Cicciolina as member of the Radical Party was inserted in a list in Rome at no. 27 or 28 I do not remember

It didn’t seem real to that smart guy called Eugenio Scalfari, director of “La Repubblica”: it was the right occasion to defame the Radicals and he didn’t miss the chance to write lots of articles about Cicciolina. What happened? The standard careless Roman - like you or I, doesn’t understand much about politics because they do not want us to understand – voted for Cicciolina, you know that old saying… the power of sex overcomes all other.

She got more votes than the first on the list and she was elected.

Scalfari, being a very stern man, with high moral values and a vague resemblance to a slimmer version of Marx, didn’t obviously want Cicciolina in Parliament, but in fact he sent her there. Ironic isn’t it.....!.

However, if you want to know who will win the elections, to line up with the winners, just bear in mind who supports Scalfari and do the opposite and you’ll surely win. I don’t know he must bring bad luck!

These Radicals are also stubborn, when they set rules they surprisingly comply to them, they perceive the party as a tool to sort out problems rather than a temple.

"Yes but they are not many and a vote given to them is a wasted vote."

Then I cannot understand how they managed with only 3% of votes to carry out the only reforms approved in Italy… You can be sure that your vote representing 3,00001% can change things.

Alternatively – instead of supporting substantial proposals you can carry on voting the large political groups i.e. the Right the Left, the Centre, the Independent Leftist and Rightist… and at the end of the day they are the ones who depend on everybody. To do what? Nobody knows.

Have you noticed how they piled up one on top of the other for the political parties public funding, they are really a bundle as Pannella says "a bundle of parties leading to the unbundling of the system."

"But how can he come up with these definitions?"

He’s known them for forty years, he pictures them just like a Van Gogh painting, and probably in forty years he will be defined as the true Van Gogh of the Italian politics.

"It’s getting late and it is also cold, let’s go back to the bar, can you hear they are all singing? ….they are all ready! I’d better clear my throat, I am a bass and they need me “la Muntanara” song is waiting for me and – as a matter of fact my wife’s sermon as well.

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