Bretea Streiouli orphanage, Deva Romania

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Antonio Capaldo was born at Campo di Giove (AQ) on 14thJuly 1948. Authentic mountaineer, he spent his adolescence in close contact with nature in a mainly agricultural and pastoral farming environment at the foot of the Majella massif.
After high school he passed the admission course and joined the Air Force Academy, then he obtained the license as military pilot at USAF Air Force School in the US.

He served as an Air Force Pilot on C-130 aircraft at Pisa Air Base for 19 years. He had the opportunity to travel around the world and carry out several humanitarian missions.

Then he was transferred to Latina Flight School where he worked as an instructor and flight examiner where he held the position of Group commander.

After a 2-year service for the Major Staf (Italian Air Force) he went on leave.

A man of few words, the Capt. Antonio Capaldo is currently a pilot of the Canadair Fire Fighting Aircraft for the Civil Defence, fighting battles against fires every year.

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6 DC: Christian Democrats, PCI: Italian Communists, PSI Italian Socialists

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