Breastfeeding promotion by vietnamese physicians

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RESULTS: A CME on breastfeeding was held in the Fall of 1999. Eighty nine people participated, among them 54 Vietnamese-Americans physicians (including 11 participating physicians) and 23 physician’s office staff. A series of 6 Vietnamese language breastfeeding educational brochure were developed and distributed regularly to the private practice physicians. The materials include a series of six tear-off sheet: Breastfeeding! Best for You, Your Baby & Family; The Qualities of Breast milk; How to Breastfeed; Breast milk: Expression and Storage; Taking Care of Sore Nipples and Breast Engorgement; and What to Eat When You Are Breastfeeding . Evaluation includes collecting data on breastfeeding from 92 mothers, who are patients of the targeted offices, at 4 weeks and again at 6 months after childbirth. Of the 92 subjects, data was obtained from 78 mothers, an overall response rate of 85%. The rest had telephone numbers that were wrong or disconnected. 56% of the mothers were younger than 30 years of age. 34% of the mothers were participated in WIC program, and 32% did not graduate from high school. The mothers were asked what feeding method was used in the hospital immediately after birth: 91% said that they breastfed their babies in the hospital. The breastfeeding rate decreased dramatically at 4 weeks after delivery; only 56% of the mothers continued to breastfeed theirs babies. At 6 months after delivery, 15% of the mothers still breastfed their babies. Twenty five mothers were asked for the reason they stopped breastfeeding at 4 weeks: almost 80% said that they did not have enough milk or that bottle feeding was easier, 25% had to return to work or school or had problems with breastfeeding such as sore nipples or breast engorgement, 20% stopped breastfeeding for fear that it would change the way they look, and 4% had medical problems

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