Bread from Stones? A joint conference of The Crawford Fund and the Africa Australia Research Forum

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3.45pm Afternoon tea
4.00pm Responses to the small group discussion led by Mellissa Wood, AIFSC and Ian Satchwell, IM4DC
4.20 pm ‘Fireside Chat’

Hosted by J Max Bankole Jarrett, Adviser, Coalition for Dialogue on Africa and former presenter of the BBC World Service's award winning "Network Africa" current affairs programme

An interview with The Honorable Dr Florence Chenoweth, Minister for Agriculture, Liberia and The Honorable Professor Sospeter Muhongo, Minister of Energy and Minerals, Tanzania for their responses to the day’s proceedings
4.55pm Closing comments by Dr Denis Blight, AO, CEO of the Crawford Fund and David Doepel Chair, Africa Australia Research Forum

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