Bread from Stones? A joint conference of The Crawford Fund and the Africa Australia Research Forum

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Tuesday, 27 August

Conference Breakfast

Issues for Mining, Agriculture and Development in Africa

Origins Restaurant, Pan-Pacific Hotel

Co-hosted by the Crawford Fund and the Australia-Africa Mining Industry Group (AAMIG)
7.00am Registration and seating

7.10am Welcome and introductions: The Honorable John Kerin AM, Chairman, The Crawford Fund

7:15am Breakfast is served

7.30–8.20am Panel discussion and Q&A

  • Mr Bill Turner, Chairman, AAMIG – why Australian mining companies in Africa should care about agriculture

    • Ms Jane Karuku, President, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa – the range of issues for local communities and farmers when mineral exploration and mining activities take place

  • Mr John Borshoff, CEO, Paladin Energy – how to achieve better outcomes on the ground for mining companies and farming communities

  • Hon Professor Sospeter Muhongo, Minister of Energy and Minerals, Tanzania – best practice for land ownership and mining development (tbc)

8.25am Vote of Thanks: Dr Nick Austin, CEO, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

8:30am Move to Conference Forum

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