Brave new world vocab 3 rudimentary (adj)- primitive or elementary

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1. rudimentary (adj)- primitive or elementary

The children played a rudimentary game in the park using a twig and dried leaves.
2. discarnate (adj)- without a physical body; incorporeal.

The discarnate spirit drifted through the wall.
3. incongruous (adj)- out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming

Seeing the nun wearing a bikini was disturbingly incongruous.
4. axiom (n)- a self-evident truth that requires no proof

The idea that hard work leads to rewards is a Puritan axiom.
5. truculent (adj)- fierce; cruel; savagely brutal

The truculent teenager mercilessly teased his classmates.
6. consummation (n)- completion, fulfillment

Until she consummation of her desire for chocolate ice cream, she was intolerable.
7. pneumatic (adj)- a) operated by air or by the pressure or exhaustion of air. b) well rounded, esp with a large bosom

She was incredibly popular with the teenage boys because she was pneumatic.

8. inscrutable (adj)- not easily understood; mysterious;

Why young boys think having their pants hanging off their butts is cool is utterly inscrutable to most intelligent people.

9. sententious (adj)- given to excessive moralizing; self-righteous

The sententious preacher loved to put the sins of his followers on display for the congregation.
10. ectogenesis (n)- development outside the body, as of an embryo in an artificial environment.

Through ectogenesis, human cloning will soon be a reality.

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