Brave new world

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To start with, the technology in the novel is advanced in contrast to our present day, which is no surprise due to the fact that it is set in the future. There are for example rockets as a method of transportation, but most important to control society are the methods of fertilizing and conditioning. These are several processes for the production of human beings on which we will focus in our presentation.

Moreover, most of the sports practised in the Brave New World use advanced technology. For instance the Scent Organ, which is used in order to amuse and satisfy people, stimulates the listeners by setting free pleasant smells.

Thus, science and technology seem to be closely linked and aim to create a content and superficial, but stable society.

Another aspect of stimulating one’s feelings may be the consumption of the drug soma, which controls the people’s mind. Through the invention of the “perfect drug”, as Mustapha Mond labels it, the ideal instrument of creating happiness has been created.

Hypnopaedia means teaching while sleeping. In Brave New World it is used to condition the people believing in certain values and sympathizing with special thinking. The first time this was explored happened in our time when a small boy heard radio during sleep and in the following morning he was able to repeat each word – but without understanding its meaning. This was also noticed after an experiment with another boy, Tommy, who also did not understand the content of the text he heard while sleeping even though he was able to say the text by heart.

In the novel, hypnopaedia is practised with the babies being sent in a room in which they sleep and listen to a voice that repeats the proverbs of the Brave New World a hundred times as there is for instance “Everybody belongs to everybody else”. Each time they are sleeping, the voice repeats different short phrases that convey the ideas of moral in the new world and consequently these are conditioned deep down in their minds.

The aims are to put the morals across to the newly created people making them accepting the system of society. No one doubts this because everyone has the same morals and believes in them. They are forced to like these things and this also predestines their characters. That they all shall be happy is the pretended reason for hypnopaedia. Besides, by teaching phrases like “Even Epsilons are useful...” class-consciousness is created.

In the Brave New World eggs are artificially fertilized and kept in incubators. While the future Alphas and Betas are bottled until they are fully developed, the Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons undergo the Bokanovsky Process.

During the Bokanovsky Process the egg’s development is stopped and it divides. X-Rays support the process of dividing in order to gain the largest possible amount of identical twins. Producing over ninety-six equal people is very useful for social stability, because problems like discrimination can be solved successfully.

The Podsnap Technique goes even further and through the acceleration of the ripening process, in one single ovary thousands of twins can be produced. There is also a competition between different hatcheries in the world. Each center wants to beat the number of the highest amount of clones, emerging from one ovary.

After being produced, the eggs are brought to the Bottling- and the Social Predestination Room, where they are labeled with detailed information about their future task in the World State. Then, the actual breeding takes place in the Embryo Store, where they are put under red light and conditioned by hormones.

These processes of the predestination of human life shall build up a coerced community, strengthen the stability of society and confirm a certain class-identity.

By Jana Schneeloch and Sinja Pienkohs

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