Brave New World Project Choices Due Date

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Brave New World Project Choices Due Date:

Directions: Choose 1 of the 8 project choices listed below and turn in by the due date. You must work alone on this project. The project is worth 100 points and you will be graded on an A through F scale. The project due date is fixed. If you cannot be here, find a way to get it to me early or by some other method on the due date. The projects are each geared to a different type of intelligence.


Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence – Choose an important event from the beginning, middle, late-middle, and end of the story. Pretend those scenes will be in a movie about the novel. Your job is to find a song or appropriate musical number that will be playing in the background during that scene. I am the director of the movie and you must convince me to use your choices. Play the music for me and either explain your points or turn in a written argument for each. Be very specific about which exact scene the music corresponds with.


Naturalist Intelligence – Find five different examples from the novel of how the Brave New World has learned to control and dominate the natural world. Explain clearly how they have done so. Use visuals if necessary. Also explain in writing how our present society has either failed to achieve or succeeded in achieving the same things (maybe in a different way). You may do this project as a paper, an oral presentation, or as a powerpoint presentation.


Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence – Choose one of the fictitious games that are at least partially described within the story. Come up with a complete set of rules, equipment, gameplay, and strategy for that game. Either create the fame for us to actually play or draw a complete set of schematics so we can at least see the game as you envision it. You may use powerpoint for this project.


Interpersonal Intelligence – Pretend that you are a relationship counselor and John and Lenina have just entered your office. They want help in their new relationship which is already on the point of falling apart. Write the script of what is said, spending MOST of the script on what YOU would say to them. You may use powerpoint for the finished product if you like.


Intrapersonal Intelligence – You are Bernard. The events of the novel have happened to you and you have been sent to live on the “free” island of Iceland. Now, use your own personality combined with Bernard’s personal history. What are your immediate and long-term goals? Set your goals for the next ten years (or more) and the things you’d like to do to achieve them. Remember, your personality is yours, but your history is Bernard’s. You may use powerpoint for this activity.


Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence – Choose at least 10 pages of Brave New World and record yourself reading those pages as if you are working for an Audiobook publisher. You are the voice talent. Your reading should be flawless. Each character in your section should have a distinctive voice. The meaning of the ideas should be clear. You must also turn in a one page summary of the decisions you had to make in order to perform this piece.


Logical-Mathematical Intelligence – Generate a list of all the names of every NAMED character in the book. Now categorize the characters into common groupings. The groupings are up to you. Each grouping should also have an explanation of the criteria that got them into this category. You may have as many categories as necessary. Characters may be in more than one category. The more intelligent and creative your categories, the better your presentation will be. You should use powerpoint for this project. Create a categorization method for some non-character aspects of the novel as well (institutions, beliefs, processes, locations, etc.)


Visual-Spatial Intelligence – Create a photo-essay of at least a dozen original photographs that you have taken. The photo-essay should be titled “(Your name) Sees the Brave New World in Our World”. Your photos should be of things in our world/community that either reflect or completely deny the vision of the world present in the novel. Each photo needs a caption that explains the picture; however, a great picture should need only minimal explanation. Make your pictures interesting and thought-provoking. Powerpoint could be useful for your presentation.

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