Brave New World Card Quiz Chapter 1-5

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Brave New World - Card Quiz Chapter 1-5

  1. What is the World State’s motto? (Community, Identity, Stability)

  2. What’s Bokanovsky’s process? (Getting 96 humans form one egg)

  3. What’s the lowest caste? (Epsilon)

  4. What’s unusual about all of the sports? (They have an apparatus)

  5. How did they condition the babies to not like roses and books? (Classical conditioning)

  6. What is a smutty word? (mother, Father)

  7. What is hypnopaedia? (Subliminal messaging during sleep)

  8. Who is the new god? (Henry Ford)

  9. Why does the nurse send the boy to an abnormal psychologist? (He wouldn’t engage in erotic play)

  10. Who is Mustapha Mond? (One of the ten World Controllers)

  11. What is he rumored to have in his safe? (Bible and some books)

  12. History is ______ (Bunk)

  13. Why is family, monogamy, and romance wrong? (It a single channeling of your energy)

  14. Why is Bernard perturbed at Lenina? (She asked him about New Mexico in public)

  15. What is physically wrong with Bernard? (He is short)

  16. What is the rumor regarding his height? (too much alcohol in his surrogate)

  17. What is Helmholtz’s job? (Bureax of Propaganda and College of Emotional Engineering)

  18. What is Bernard’s social class? (Alpha Plus)

  19. What do Bernard and Helmholtz have in common? (They are both aware of being individuals)

  20. What does Helmholtz want to do? (Be a writer – write words that pierce)

  21. Where do Henry and Lenina go after they golf? (To a dance / scent organ and synthetic music concert)

  22. What does Lenina think is strange about the recollection of phosphorous form the dead? (That Alphas and Betas don’t make more plants grow)

  23. What is a Solidarity Service? (The fusing of 12 individuals into one being)

  24. What environmental object distracts Bernard from believing? (Morgana’s single eyebrow)

  25. What happens at the end of the Solidarity Service? (Orgy-porgy)

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