Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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A marvellous fidelity

As soon as the brothers had the first contact with the Congregation, the first visit from a Superior coming from Rome, after nearly thirty years of solitude, they asked to renew their vows; they sang the Salve Regina with him and said in French the traditional prayers of our family.

The tradition of martyrdom

In the Province of China there is a tradition of martyrdom.

1-In 1900, during the Boxers revolution, four brothers were killed: Brother Jules-André, third Visitor of China, Brother Joseph Félicité, Director de Chala, the young Chinese brother, Marie-Adon and the postulant, Paul Jen.

2-In 1906, on the 26th February, the five brothers of the community of Nantchang were massacred by a mob of rioters. They were Brothers Louis-Maurice, Prosper-Victor, Joseph-Amphien, Marius and Léon, Superior of the community.

1 Father Philippe Carriquiry, (1911-1960), of the Foreign Mission of Paris, was the Vicar General and then the Administrator of the diocese of Sichang when Brother Joche-Albert was executed. There was a second Vicar General, Father Du Noyer, from whom we also have a letter on the martyrdom of Brother Joche-Albert. The bishop at the time was Bishop Baudry, elderly and suffering from blindness. He had already been bishop of Ningyuanfu in 1925. We have here a first hand testimony.

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