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Silent martyrs

On the 8th September 1979, Brother Laurence Tung On, Provincial, sent to Brother Basilio the following report on the brothers of China:

1-Since 1950, 26 brothers have died in China, of whom

Brother Jules André, died of hunger and of cold,

Brother André Joseph Wei; died after a public judgement, in 1975.

Brother Augustin Liu – Beaten to death by batons.

Brother Antoine Hsio – died in a work camp.

Brother Marcellin Yang – died in a work camp.

Brother Ernest Chang – died in a work camp.

Brother Marie Xavier Chang – died in prison.

2-23 other brothers are still living, of whom seven are constrained to working in the farms of inner Mongolia;

Brother Damien Chang, Visitor, has done eight years in prison.

Brother Emile Chang – condemned to 15 years of prison since 1974 because he was teaching the catechism.

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