Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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Brother Joche Albert was not so successful as Prefect of Studies in Ming Cheng Middle School, Chungking. As it was urgent to appoint a Principal with B.A. degree to the school of Sichang, I asked Brother Joche Albert whether he would like to go to this backward place as Principal. He accepted at once in full obedience, saying something like this: “Even if I have to die there, what am I afraid of?” It was prophetical: he really died and went to Heaven from there.

Regularity and zest for work

Brother Joche Albert never left the house without permission. He never got the reputation of going out to visit the families of students. During the winter holidays he would often cover himself warmly and sit down for hours reading. During the two months of Chinese New Year holidays he studied by himself the four books of the Nesfield Grammar. We followed English courses every day, and Brother Joche Albert worked as perseveringly as all the other Brothers.

During a certain year, when Brother Joche Albert was Prefect of Studies in our school in Chefoo, it was difficult to find a good teacher of Chinese. Brother Joche Albert took all the Chinese classes of the school. Certainly it was very difficult, but he did it without murmuring.

Brother Joche Albert could foresee things and events before others. That is why he could make exhaustive studies of events and could talk with a through knowledge of the matter. His eloquence was extraordinary. The Communists instructors could not refute him during his training in Ponglay. Often they had to stop their discussion. Brother Joche Albert told me one day: “These country people have not the least knowledge of religion; how dare they argue and discuss? If they want to debate about something, they should had at least an elementary and fundamental knowledge of the matter.”

I understand that in Sichang Brother Joche Albert was shot without trial because the whole town could not refute his eloquence.

He was Prefect of Discipline for several years in Shantung. It was not so easy to fulfill this duty properly. Using his wisdom and eloquence, he performed the assignment well. He was not afraid of the students. Once he said to them and repeated it after: “Behind me you may curse me, it is not proper to do so, but I don’t mind; but in front of me you must behave properly, otherwise you will see my attitude.”

Good memory
In 1943, one day, after the retreat, he was going to church with another Brother along the seashore. Over this short distance of one mile, they met seven of eight students. Each time Brother Joche Albert introduced the student to the other Brother, giving an account of the life of the student, his family, his studies, etc.

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