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Testimony of Brother Philip Wu, Provincial of China

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Testimony of Brother Philip Wu, Provincial of China

6 April 1964

Relations with Brother Joche Albert

Brother Joche Albert was in the community of Chefoo, Shantung, when I was appointed as a teacher in this school in 1937. Two years later, when I was appointed Director of the Community, Brother Joche Albert was still there. After four years of university studies, he came back to the same community of the Immaculate Conception or Chung Cheng Middle School, Chefoo.

In August 1945, 4 days after the defeat of the Japanese, the Communists entered the town. After about 20 days, an order was given to all Principals and Prefects of Studies to go to a centre of the province to get brain-washed. Since Brother Joche-Albert was Prefect of Studies and I Principal, we were together in prison and in the camps for about eight months.
Having escaped later from Chefoo to Tsingtao, I was separated from Brother Joche Albert for about two years. I met him again in Chungking, Szechwan, when I was appointed as Visitor of Western China. At that time, Brother Joche Albert was Prefect of Studies in Ming Chung College of Chungking. A few months later, I appointed him Director of the school in Sichang where he was put in prison and shot by the communists.

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