Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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I hope that this short exposé will have demonstrated that Brother Albert, despite the knowledge he had about the danger, stayed faithful to his post, in service to the Church, faithful to the Truth, faithful to God. He had accepted beforehand to shed his blood for God.
To finish, I the undersigned, Philippe Carriquiry, of the Foreign Missions of Paris, Missionary of Sichang, Vicar General during the events, declare, in conscience, that my sincere and circumstantial conviction, established on the facts narrated above of which I was the closest witness, is that Brother Albert, executed at Sichang, on the 21st April 1951, was put to death in hatred of the faith.
Done at Singapore, 29th (or 19th) April 1959.

Ph. Carriquiry - Administrator of Sichang,

Dean of the Cathedral of Singapore.
I the undersigned, René Girard, of the Foreign Missions of Paris, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Malacca-Singapore, declare and certify that the present writing was written in Singapore by the signatory whose name appears above.

René Girard, - Chancellor, 22nd April 1959

The original of this letter was sent to Brother Alessandro, Procurator General to the Holy See, the 23rd April 1959, to serve in the cause of beatification of Brother Joche Albert – Brother André Gabriel, former Provincial of China.

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