Br, Joche-Albert Ly

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The martyr

He did not appear in public, as the others, they feared his irresistible dialectic. He was talked about a great deal, but with out him, meetings or gatherings would conclude always by; “Traitor to his country: he deserves death!”

He was executed, with some others, on the 21st April, close to the ramparts of Sichang.

Hatred for the faith

It is impossible to find another reason for the martyrdom of Brother Albert. The conspiracy story was improbable and no one believed it. The testimony of a co-detained, his friend (executed with him) was, as all knew, obtained by torture.

As to the other testimonies of the same kind, here is a fact that illustrates the value of them: At the end of a meeting during which he had violently accused Brother Albert, a poor man from Sichang asked a Catholic friend: “But who is this Brother Albert?” The other, astonished: “You have just witnessed against him, and you do not know him?” And the false witness answered: “No, all that I said against him was dictated to me by the communists; and that’s despite me…”

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